This Week in Kindergarten…

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES…Thank you so much for taking time and coming to meet with me about your sweet Kinder! I enjoyed talking with all of you and getting to share the progress your Kinder has made! 

POPCORN WORDS: were, where, there

READING: During reading this week, we worked on retelling stories using a story map. We talked about the characters, setting and retelling the events in order. We also practiced activating our SOUND POWER! We learned and practiced…

Look at the Picture

Say the first sound

Move your eyes to the end

And read what you found

WRITING: In writing this week, we started learning about non-fiction writing. We read all about chickens, discussed what chickens have, what chickens need and what chickens are. We then transferred what we learned into a non-fiction book. We wrote words, added pictures and labels. I hope you enjoyed reading all about chickens when your Kinder brought their book home this week! 

MATH: During math this week, we practiced finding partners of 10. We continued learning about Tiny Tumblers. We practiced our addition and subtraction skills as well as learning about 3D shapes. What a great job the Kinders are doing during our math time! 

LITERACY: This week during our literacy time we worked on…digraphs, syllables, writing our letters neatly and reading a shamrock book that we have in our blue book boxes to practice during reading time. 

WEDNESDAY READING FUN: This week we read the book Diary of a Worm and had a yummy snack to go along with it! The Kinders are having so much fun with the books and fun treats (and so am I)! 

MYSTERY READERS: This week we had many mystery readers surprise us and come to read to our class! 

Claire’s sister Ava surprised her and read us a book this week!

Kylee’s sister Addison surprised her when she came to read to us!

Evelynne’s mom surprised her when she came to read to us!

Kylee’s brother Grant surprised Kylee when he cam to read to our class!

Haddie was super excited when her mom came to be our mystery reader this week!

Kylee was very excited when her mom came to be a mystery reader this week! 

READING CELEBRATION BREAKFAST: On Friday, we had such a great time celebrating reading!! We had leprechaun hats and gold coins on our desks when we got to school and had lots of fun all day! It was fun to celebrate some of the books we’ve read this month by having a celebration breakfast! We had many visitors that joined in our fun and many volunteers who donated things to make our breakfast a success! We even got to learn a fun new math game, finding partners when adding numbers. Charles’ mom brought it for our class and Charles taught us how to play.

OUTSIDE WALK ON A RAINY DAY…this week we got outside in between rain showers and took a walk, ran around the flag pole, climbed under the bike rack and of course stopped for a class picture! 


Monday, March 18: STEAM; take home books

Tuesday, March 19: Music; Library

Wednesday, March 20: Gym; take home books

Thursday, March 21: Art

Friday, March 22: STEAM; take home books

Thursday, March 28: Kindergarten Pajama Day

March 29 – April 7: SPRING BREAK…school resumes on April 8

Celebrate Reading Breakfast!

I am so excited about our breakfast this Friday, March 15! I am planning on starting things at 9:30. If you’d like to come and be a part of it, please join us in room 114 at 9:30. We would be happy to have you come and share in our fun morning! We are serving…

  • Green Eggs and Ham (because of the book Green Eggs and Ham)
  • Donut Holes (because of the book If You Give a Dog a Donut)
  • Mini Muffins (because of the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin)
  • Strawberries (because of the book The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear)
  • Juice boxes

Remember to wear fun socks, because…READING KNOCKS OUR SOCKS OFF!

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: about, home, went

READING: During reading this week, we learned about SOUND POWER! We used a book this week called Can You See Our Eggs? to help us learn that readers notice blends, like “gr” in “ground” or “fl” in “flower” to solve unknown words. It also helped us to practice reading all the way to end of a word to figure it out and to look for familiar popcorn words before reading. It is so exciting to see the Kinders making a connection to these reading skills when we are reading or writing together! We were also introduced to the SHAPE GO MAP. The shape go map helps us to retell the story that we read. We practiced retelling a Berenstain Bears story.

MATH: In math this week, the Kinders were introduced to TINY TUMBLERS who live on Math Mountains.  The Tiny Tumblers practice their tumbling all day long.  Some Math Mountains have a lot of Tiny Tumblers on one side of the mountain and not so many on the other side. When you count all of the Tiny Tumblers they equal the number on top of the Math Mountain. These math mountains will help the Kinders learn and practice number partners. For example, on math mountain 5 there are 2 tiny tumblers living on one side and 3 tiny tumblers living on the other side (2+3=5).   We also compared numbers to decide which number is greater or less and explored partners of 10.

WRITING: During writing this week, we finished our small moment writing unit. The Kinders each had to write an On Demand story. This is a story that the Kinders hae to do all by themselves. In our class, we wrote about free choice time. They practiced telling their small moment story across their fingers, sketching their pictures, adding labels to their pictures, adding words (and stretching out the sounds all on their own), using capital letters and sentence stoppers (punctuation). Wow…that is a lot of work!! They worked so hard!!

LITERACY: During our literacy time this week, we practiced many skills we have been working on. We practiced reading, stretching out words, practiced writing popcorn words, came up with word family words and practiced letter sounds. We continue to practice being quiet workers during our literacy time. 

MYSTERY READERS: We are filling the month of March with mystery readers! This week, we had a lot of fun listening to a lot of people read to us! 

Elena’s mom surprised Elena when she came to read to us! She read us Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book!

Mrs. VanKoevering’s first grade class came to read to us! They read us a non-fiction book! It was fun to have the first graders visit!

Evelynne’s mom surprised Evelynne when she came to our class as a mystery reader! She read us Where the Wild Things Are!

Aaron’s brother, Ryan (a fourth grader), surprised Aaron by coming to read to our class! It was fun to have him read to us! He read us a book called I Like Myself! He did a great job reading to us and even asked us some questions about the book!

Mrs. Flory’s third grade class came to read to us! It was fun to have the third graders come to our class!

We had fun reading Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (again)! It’s one of our favorites! Then we enjoyed a yummy and cute snack that matched Pete’s shirt from the story! 

We also had fun reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish! Dr. Seuss books are so fun to read! We did a fun red and blue fish activity! After reading we enjoyed a fishy treat!


Monday, March 11: Art; Take home books; Parent teacher conferences

Tuesday, March 12: STEAM; Book Fair previewing day

Wednesday, March 13: Music; Take home books; Parent teacher conferences

Thursday, March 14: Gym; Book Fair buying day (send money if you’d like your Kinder to buy a book)

Friday, March 15: Art; Take home books; Reading breakfast starts at 9:30…wear fun socks today because reading knocks our socks off!

March 28: Kindergarten PJ Day

March 29 – April 7: Spring Break…no school



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This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: bad, had, map

READING: This week during reading, we learned about sounding out blends in words. We looked at letters that blend together and practiced reading words that begin with blends. The Kindergartners are developing this skill as their reading level grows.  We also recalled as readers we always start our reading with looking at the first letter in a word and that really helps us start our thinking of what the word might be.

MATH: In math this week, we practiced writing our number 1-20. We also “shopped” at our “grocery store” for items from the store. We practiced adding and subtracting numbers and writing our equations. We have been working hard on showing teen numbers in math, showing a 10 and some extra ones. 

WRITING: This week during writing, we continued writing our small moment stories. The steps we practice are thinking of an idea, telling the steps, drawing and labeling the pictures, adding words to our story using the words first, next and last. The Kinders are doing more and more writing on their own! I’m so proud of them! 

LITERACY: During our literacy time this week, Kinders got to choose the stations they wanted to do on their own! It was fun to see which stations they enjoyed doing the most. They were also able to work with teachers during literacy time on skills they needed to practice. 

MYSTERY READER: RJ was super excited when his mom walked through the door this week and was our mystery reader! RJ and the rest of the class enjoyed listening to the story, The Boy Who Grew Flowers. It was fun to have her visit our classroom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. SEUSS!! We had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss on Friday! We had a full day of all things Dr. Seuss. Our fourth grade buddies came to our room and read us Dr. Seuss books, we took pictures with Dr. Seuss photo props, had Dr. Seuss snacks and did Dr. Seuss activities. It was a fun-filled Dr. Seuss day!! The Kinders looked adorable in all of their Seuss-style stuff!


Monday, March 4: Art; Take home books…return your book!

Tuesday, March 5: STEAM; Library…bring back your book!

Wednesday, March 6: Music; Take home books…return your book!

Thursday, March 7: Gym

Friday, March 8: Art; Early Release Day – dismissal at 12:15. Please email me if your son/daughter needs a sack lunch!

March 11 and 13: Parent Teacher Conferences – I am looking forward to meeting with each of you and telling you all about the progress your Kinder has made!

March 11-14: School Book Fair, we are previewing the book fair on Tuesday, March 12 and are scheduled to shop for books on Thursday, March 14. 

March 28: Kindergarten PJ day!!

March 29 – April 7: Spring Break…no school!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!!    ~Mrs. Baker

Enjoy these fun photos from the week!! The Kinders love to make creations during play time and then have their picture taken with them so they can remember them!

Dear Kinder Parents,

Please make note of the following changed dates for special activities that will happen this week in kindergarten…

~WEAR CLOTHING WITH WORDS will be on THURSDAY, MARCH 7. This is changed from our March is Reading Month calendar.


March is Reading Month

Did you know March is Reading Month?  To celebrate our amazing readers and our LOVE of reading I would LOVE to have as many mystery readers as we can pack in this month.  If you are interested in being a Mystery Reader this month please email me at to set up a time with me.  I am also willing to coordinate older siblings of our Kinders coming to read as Mystery Readers.  If you have a sibling in our school that wants to come be a Mystery Reader please let me know and I can coordinate a time for them to come down and read to their siblings class.  

Dr. Seuss Day!

Because March is Reading Month…On Friday, March 1 we are going to be celebrating Dr. Seuss! We will be having a lot of fun with all things Dr. Seuss! If your Kinder would like to add to the fun by dressing up…that would be great! I’d love to have them dress up Dr. Seuss style! Looking forward to a fun-filled day!!