Popcorn Words:  look, from, run.  We had to look for the Gingerbread man all week!!  He was on the run!!  He kept leaving us messages all week.  

Math:  This week in math we continued to dive into numbers.  We talked about how when we added numbers together they make a new number.  We call those numbers partners, the partners 3 and 5 can make up the number 8.  Also, discovering doubles that make up new numbers.  For example, 1 + 1=2 or 3 + 3=6.  The Kinders LOVE playing Math games every Friday!  They played a Gingerbread Match game, where they rolled a dice twice, added the partners and found the answer.  I am so proud of their Math progress!!


Readers Workshop:  This week we explored how patterns can help us read.  We looked at how in books there are often patterns in the words on each page.  Discovering many pattern books in our classroom.  We found a pattern book that had the same words on each page but the first word changed each time.  For example,  Giraffes are in the zoo, Zebras are in the zoo, etc.  Also, discovering patterns in sentences that the last word changes.  This pattern might look like: Look at the lemonade, Look at the hamburger, etc.  The Kinders loved adding a pattern book to their blue book boxes that we use during our quiet time and read to self time.

Writers Workshop:  The Kindergartners had a lot of fun writing their own pattern books this week.  We wrote patterns that went along with the pattern we looked at during our Readers Workshop time.  They wrote a book called  Here are the ______ and also one called _______ Can Run Fast. One book with a pattern where the last word changes and another where the first word changes in the pattern.  They did an amazing job!  

Literacy Stations:  The Kinders have started to visit two Literacy Stations everyday during our Literacy time.  They work with myself or Mrs. Hatfield (our amazing Kindergarten para-pro) on specific skills to help build reading skills.  The Kinders also work at an independent station where they practice skills they have been taught.  They practice handwriting, practice their sight words (also knows as popcorn words), reading books with words they can stretch out, identifying sounds in words, etc.  They also received a list of words of the first few sight words that popped into our classroom. We call this reading the rainbow.  Each list has 6 sight words on it and is a different color, as the list grows the colors change and we try to read the rainbow of words in our classroom.  The kinder practice recognizing these words, writing these words and spelling them during our literacy time.  As they master the list then they will receive the next list to practice.  They are so excited about this new task!!


Gingerbread Man On the Loose:  This week we took an imaginary trip with our own passports and tickets to try and catch the Gingerbread Man on the loose!  He is on the loose and traveling to different countries!  We boarded our “airplane” with our “tickets” and “passports” (they even got their “passports” stamped). We looked for him in France this week. We discovered that is a long way from where we live in the United States.  The Kinders loved looking at the globe to see the different countries there are.  We first looked for the Gingerbread man at one of Frances famous landmarks, The Eiffel Tower.  We couldn’t catch him!!  We also looked at the flag of France.  Noticing that it is different than our American flag.  There are no stars!  However, we did notice that the colors are the same.  Both have red, white and blue colors on the colors.  We will continue to catch the Gingerbread man next week too.  We will visit a new country to find him!!  This has been a fun way to introduce the Kinders to the idea that there are other countries and different symbols that each country has.  The Kinders are also enjoying the many stories of the Gingerbread man!  We have listened to a couple different stories of the Gingerbread man.  Gingerbread Man Loose in the School, The Gingerbread Boy and The Gingerbread Girl.  

Mystery Reader: This week we had a mystery reader surprise us and come read to us! Juliet’s mom, Mrs. Sliwa, visited and read us the book, The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems. Mrs. Sliwa had a lot of help reading the book from Juliet…it’s one of her favorites!!


North Pole Ninjas:  On Monday morning the Kinders came to school and found a surprise arrival from a North Pole Ninja.  The North Pole Sensei has given us a challenge during the month of December: to spread acts of kindness.  We are up for the challenge!!  Our first challenge was to make an ornament for someone special and leave it for them. We also made hearts for someone we love, mittens for Mrs. Holland (our recess helper) and smiled at people throughout the day.  The Kindergartners were so excited! They are excited every morning to see if our sensei leaves us a mission!!

We got RACKED!!  As we were working hard in our classroom we heard a knock at the door.  We opened the door and found a bag with a note.  It told us we had been RACKED!!  We were hit by a Random Act of Christmas Kindness.  Inside the bag we found a candy cane for each of us.  Thank you for our yummy surprise treat to whoever left us our RACKED bag!!


Holiday PartyI am still looking for a parent to coordinate the party. If you’re interested please email me to let me know. Thank you to all who have volunteered to help!!  More details will be coming soon.  The party will be Thursday, December 21 at 1:50-3:00 p.m.  I am more than happy to welcome you to our classroom party!  We can always use volunteers and the Kinders LOVE having family in our classroom!  

Holiday Program:  Our Holiday Program will be Thursday, December 14, 6:30 p.m. at Harbor Ministries (formerly knows as Fair Haven), 2900 Baldwin Street.  Kindergartners need to be dropped off to me by 6:15 p.m. at our meeting place inside the church.  Our meeting place will be just outside the sanctuary in the “gym area” of the church.  Our Kinders will be attending a rehearsal at the church on Thursday a.m. We will take a school bus to the church and practice the program.  We will leave our school by 10:00 a.m and return by 11:15 a.m. on Thursday morning.  

Winter Has Arrived: Winter weather is here!! We had some very excited kinders when the snow arrived!!  I was pretty excited to see the snow this week too!  The Kinders have done a great job so far putting and taking off their gear.  Thank you to bundlers who have started to help us out!!  Please remember to label your kiddos gear.  It helps me sooooo much with missing items and those several pairs of black snow pants that we ultimately have.  I do keep an extra bucket of mittens, gloves, scarves and snow pants available to kinders just in case.  Check out our fun in the snow!


Fun Friday: We had fun making a snowman craft on Friday! The kids were so excited that they got to take them home! I’m sure you found the perfect spot to hang them up!


Free Choice: During free choice time on Friday, the kinders got to have fun in our Gingerbread Bakery! The kids had fun “mixing, baking and selling” cookies! They were so excited, they wanted to bring some “cookies” home!!


Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Dec. 11…GYM
  • Tuesday, Dec. 12…MUSIC, LIBRARY
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13…ART, Homework due.
  • Thursday, Dec. 14…STEAM, Rehearsal at Harbor Ministries 10-11:15 a.m., Holiday program 6:30 p.m., Kinders arrive by 6:15 p.m. 
  • Friday, Dec. 15…GYM, ALL SCHOOL P.J. DAY!!
  • Monday, Dec. 18…MUSIC
  • Tuesday, Dec. 19…ART, LIBRARY
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20…STEAM
  • Thursday, Dec. 21…GYM, Holiday Classroom Party 1:50-3:00 p.m., LOGAN’S BIRTHDAY!
  • Friday, Dec. 22…ART, Polar Express Day in K…All K P.J. DAY!!! CHARLOTTE & VIOLET’S BIRTHDAY!
  • Monday, Dec. 25 – Friday, Jan. 5…NO SCHOOL, HOLIDAY BREAK!!  School Resumes Monday, Jan. 8.

Weekly Update…

Popcorn Words:  an, can, man, ran.  The Kinders loved seeing how the chunk “an” was in all of these words!!  We dove into our theme for the month of The Gingerbread Man.  We explore many different versions of this book.


Math:  We wrapped up Unit 2 in Math this week.  The Kinders took their Unit 2 test this week.  I will be grading these over the weekend and they will be sent home soon.  We will start Unit 3 this week, exploring partners that when put together make up a new number (2 flowers plus 3 more flowers equal 5 flowers total).


Writers Workshop:  This week we wrapped up our Unit of Writing Like a Scientist.  The Kindergartners loved using their scientific eyes to explore details of an object and write a book about it as well.  We wrote books about a tree, frog and bears.  I’m excited to let you see these books!  These books will be coming home next week.  We will explore pattern book writing next week.

Readers Workshop:  We have been exploring our different reading strategies buddies.  This week we explored skippy the frog and stretchy the snake.  Skippy the frog tells us that sometimes it’s ok to skip a word we don’t know.  Skip it, read the sentence and then think about the missing word and what would make sense.  Hop back to the beginning of the sentence and read it again.  Stretchy the snake  helps us to remember to stretch the word out slowly and put the sounds together to figure out the word.  It has been so amazing to see and hear them practice these strategies when they work on their reading skills during readers workshop.




  • Please be sure to send in 2 snacks everyday for your Kinder.  We have an a.m. and p.m. snack daily.
  • As the cooler weather approaches be sure to pack your Kinder appropriate gear.  If your child wears boots to school they can easily wear their gym shoes in school if desired.  If other shoes are desired once switched out of boots then be sure to pack them in their backpack.  
  • If you are signed up to be a Winter Bundler feel free to come and help us bundle once the snow flies.  You can plan to arrive at 11:30 and finish up around 12:00 (you can go outside when kiddos are at recess or you can stay inside to wait and help them unbundle after recess).  Thanks so much for volunteering!!

Take Home Book Program:  This exciting program will begin in January.  If you are interested in listening to the kinder read, this volunteer opportunity is for you!  A note explaining the program will be sent home soon.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are also welcome to volunteer for this program!  Please note that a Background Form is needed.

5th Grade Candy Cane Sale:  The 5th graders are selling candy canes to fund their 5th grade camp experience.  Monday, Dec. 4-Friday, Dec. 15 Candy Canes will be on sale for $1.00.  If your Kinder is interested in buying a candy cane please enclose money inside a marked envelope on any of these days with the number of candy canes desired.  Candy cane sales will happen daily and will be delivered on the same day they are ordered.  

Beach Day: We had so much fun at “the beach!” The kids had a great time reading and working on their beach towels and playing beach math games!! The GVSU baseball players and their coach came to play games with us. It was their last time to volunteer in our classroom…we really enjoyed all the time they spent with us and helped us learn!!


Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Dec. 4…STEAM; Our class can shop at the Holiday Shop-if you wish for your child to shop please send in the Penguin Shop paper and envelope clearly marked.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5…PE; No Library due to Holiday Shop in Library…enjoy your book for another week!
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6…Music, Homework due.
  • Thursday, Dec. 7…Art
  • Friday, Dec. 8…STEAM, Popcorn Friday.
  • Thursday, Dec. 14…Holiday Program…6:30 p.m. @ Harbor Ministries, 2900 Baldwin Street, Jenison (Formerly known as Fair Haven Church) on Baldwin Ave./28th Ave.  Plan to have your Kinder in their meeting spot by 6:15 p.m.
  • Dec. 21…Logan’s B-Day!
  • Dec. 22…Violet and Charlotte’s B-Day!
  • Dec. 21…Classroom Holiday Party, 1:50-3:00 p.m.
  • Dec. 22…Polar Express Day…All K P.J. Day!!
  • Monday, Dec. 25 – Friday, Jan. 5…NO SCHOOL, HOLIDAY BREAK! School resumes on Monday, Jan. 8.                                             

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a fast Friday! Dismissal is at 12:15. If your child needs a lunch, please email me to let me know. Sometimes the kids aren’t sure if they need one or not, so it’s easiest to have you email me. Thanks so much!

A reminder that tomorrow is also beach day!! The kids are going to have a great time…our room looks like we are at the beach!! 

Beach Day!!

Yay…the kids have earned 10 stars again and are ready to celebrate by having a…


We are going to have our fun day on Friday, December 1. The kids can wear t-shirts, shorts, beach style wear, but no bathing suits please. Please have the kids bring a beach towel and sunglasses too if they have them. We are going to have fun reading on our beach towels and playing beach themed math and literacy games. Looking forward to a fun-filled beach day!! 


Congratulations Crew on getting an Outstanding from Mrs. Reagan for showing his amazing “Be Nice, Work Hard and Learn Well” actions!! 

Congratulations Ivy on getting an Outstanding from Mrs. Reagan for showing her amazing “Be Nice, Work Hard and Learn Well” actions!! 

Way to go kinders!!

Stone Soup Day:  The Kinders had so much fun making our own stone soup!  As we read the book we added our veggies.  We added corn, carrots, peas, potatoes, green beans and of course a stone!  We let it cook all day long and then got to try it later.  The kids were so excited and all of them tried it! They gave me a “thumbs up or thumbs down” when they were finished. Thank you all so much for your donations to our stone soup day!!


Thankful Centers:  On Tuesday we had so much fun visiting the other Kindergarten classrooms to explore some Thanksgiving fun!  The Kinder made a Thankful goody bag with Mrs. Hutchison. With Mrs. Bohl the Kinders loved playing the 5 little turkey song and game.  In Mrs. Stutz’s room, they had fun making their own horn book and quill.  In our room, they loved making a Native American teepee. At the end of our day we combined classrooms with our friends from Mrs. Stutz’s class.  We talked about how the Native American and Pilgrims shared their food and had a big feast together.  We combined some snacks together to make our own snack mix that we ate together.  We also made our own Thanksgiving story bracelet and got to play together.  We had so much fun together!!  We are thankful for our Kindergarten friends!!


More Thanksgiving fun from this week…


The kinders brought in something they are thankful for to share with the class. It was fun to see what everyone brought! I am so lucky I get to spend my days with these sweet kinders! I am very thankful for each and every one of them! 



I am thankful for…

On Tuesday, I’d like each of our kinders to bring in something they are thankful for! This item should fit into the bag provided. You can find everything you need in your child’s blue folder. We have read many books about Thanksgiving and have talked about people, animals and things we are thankful for. Please help your kinder find an object to bring in for our Thankful Show-and-Tell. We will be sharing these with the class on Tuesday and then bringing them back home Tuesday after school. Thank you for  your participation and support! It should be fun to listen to everyone share one thing they are thankful for!!

~Mrs. Baker

Stone Soup Day!

Dear Parents,

This month we have been learning about the Pilgrims, Native Americans and how they shared their food at the first Thanksgiving meal.

Next week we are going to read the book Stone Soup and learn that village people worked together to create a delicious soup. Each person contributed one food item to add to the pot.

The Kinders and I thought it would be fun if we made our own Stone Soup to retell the story. On Monday, November 20 we will have Stone Soup day!

  1. Please use the attached baggie to place your food item inside.
  2. Please clean and chop all vegetables into bite sized pieces. The food must be ready to be placed inside our pot. If you use canned vegetables, please drain them prior to placing them in the baggie. PLEASE SEND NO MORE THAN A 1/2 CUP OF VEGETABLES.
  3. Please choose 1 vegetable from the following list:

green beans






4. Please bring your food item to school on Monday, November 20.

Thank you so much for donating and supporting us as we come  together as a class family to make Stone Soup! If you have any questions, please contact me.

~Mrs. Baker  🙂


We have had fun decorating our classroom with “disguised turkeys” this week! The kids love looking at what their friends have turned their turkeys into. There is no way these turkeys will be getting eaten for Thanksgiving dinner! 


This week at school we practiced our listening skills. We reviewed that our eyes are watching, our ears are listening, our voices are quiet and our bodies are still. We had fun using puppy the puppet and listening to a story to practice these skills!


Popcorn Words:                  FOR     OR                                                             The kinders are doing so good at finding these words in our daily message and inside their books when reading to self.  They are excited when they notice them! 

PE Cares Food Drive:  Thank you all so much who have already contributed to our food drive.  We LOVED carrying these products to our gym class this week, we counted 55 pieces!!!  Thank you for donating and thinking of those in need this season!!  







Social Studies:  We are beginning our study of wants and needs this week.  The Kinders have learned that a want is something that we do not need in order to survive.  While a need is something that we must have in order to survive.  They helped put different objects into wants and needs groups.  Learning that items like a video game, candy and toy are wants and that food, water, shelter and love are needs.  We will explore more about wants and needs throughout the month.  They enjoyed hearing the book Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies by Stan Berenstain.  A great book to reinforce our study of wants and needs.  


Mystery Reader: We enjoyed 3 mystery readers this week. Our first reader was Mrs. Baker’s son, Corey. The kids were excited to get to meet him finally! He read us Clifford’s Thanksgiving. 


Our next mystery reader was Mrs. Creighton, Michael’s mom. She read us the book The Day the Crayons Quit. Michael was so excited to see his mom! We were so happy to have another mystery reader!

Our final mystery reader of the week was Mr. Stadt, Evelyn’s dad. Evie was so excited to see her dad walk through the door! Mr. Stadt read us one of Evie’s favorite books, a story about Shopkins. 


Math: This week in math we worked on identifying shapes, especially hexagons, compared and wrote numbers 1-10 and practiced telling addition and subtraction math stories. We will continue to work on these skills to get ready for our unit 2 test after Thanksgiving break. We had fun using Native American braves, canoes and goldfish crackers to practice our math stories this week! For example…The brave caught 6 fish, then he caught 1 more.  How many fish did he catch?  Or, 8 fish were caught. 2 fish were eaten.  How many fish were left? Of course, when we were done we HAD to eat the fish we caught. That was our favorite part!! 


Reader’s Workshop:  This week we started to learn how to read words three different ways….

  1. reading some words fast
  2. by looking at the picture 
  3. by looking at the first letter 



We used our SUPER POWERS (reading strategies) of Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish to help us figure out words.  Lips the Fish reminds us to get our lips ready to read and Eagle Eye reminds us to look closely at words and pictures.

Writer’s Workshop: In writer’s workshop this week, we continued to write like scientists. We learned all about frogs! We read non-fiction books and then wrote our own non-fiction books about frogs. We each had our own special frog we are experts on. We talked about their color, size, texture and name. We added details to our pictures!


Warm Outside Clothes:  Please continue to send a warm coat for your kinder to wear while playing outside.  The weather is changing and we want our kinders to stay warm and healthy!


*Monday Nov 20—Music;  Stone Soup Day… Drained, chopped vegetables are due.  See note that was sent home this week.

*Tuesday Nov 21–Art; Thanksgiving Centers

*Wed, Nov 22, Thurs. Nov. 23, Fri. Nov 24—NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy the time with family.

*Friday, Dec. 1—Fast Friday Dismissal at 12:15pm

*Dec 4-7—HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP: We are scheduled to shop on Monday, Dec. 4. More details to come soon.

*Thursday, Dec 14–CHRISTMAS MUSIC PROGRAM  Georgetown Holiday Music Program  6:30pm

*Thursday, December 21–Christmas Party  It will be held from 2:00-3:00pm.  Planning will begin soon. Thank you for being part of our second class party.

*Monday, December 25 – Friday, January 5:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 8!

Have a great weekend!  We only have school on Monday and Tuesday next week.  

Popcorn Words: This week we learned the words am, are and little.  

Math: This week we continued working on Unit 2.  We are working on finding groups of 10 and then more to make a number.  Also, we continued to practice telling subtraction and addition stories.  The Kindergarteners LOVE acting these stories out during our Math time.  We also had fun on Friday with Math games.  The GVSU baseball players and their coach came to our class to have fun playing math games with us again!


Reader’s Workshop: This week we focused on setting in reader’s workshop.  The Kindergartners learned that setting is where the story takes place.  They also learned that setting can change throughout a story.  We read several Froggy books by Jonathon London to look at the different settings used in these books.  We saw Froggy in many different settings.  For example, in his bedroom, outside, at his friends house, in his tree house.


Writer’s Workshop: We have been practicing our skills as being scientific writer’s.  This week we explored frogs.  Looking at several non fiction frog books to observe how non fiction writers label and zoom in on their pictures when making a book.  The kinders combined reading and writing this week and drew Froggy in a different setting.  They were careful to label the parts of their drawings and sound out their setting that they drew Froggy in.



Split Lit. Centers: This week we continued working on our pre-reading and reading skills during our split lit. centers. We are continuing to build on our skills by working in small groups each getting a chance to work with Mrs. Baker.

Mystery Readers: This week we enjoyed two mystery readers coming to read to our class! Dean’s dad came and read to us on Tuesday. We enjoyed 2 stories! He read us This Little Piggy by Tim Harrington and Ninja! by Arree Chung. We loved both of the stories and were so glad he came to read to us!!

  Ethan’s grandma came and read to us on Thursday! We were so excited to have her come to our classroom as a mystery reader! She read us one of Ethan’s favorite books, Pickle Things by Marc Brown and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. They were both great stories!!


Veterans Day:  We explored our Let’s Find Out magazine and learned all about veterans on Friday.  They loved making a card that will be handed out to the veterans.  Thank you to all of our veterans for your service!!

Turkey Craft: We finished our week with a fun turkey craft! The kids had fun picking out their feather colors and gluing wiggly eyes on to make our turkeys extra special!



Remember:  Just a reminder to pack your Kindergartener the appropriate outdoor gear for our changing weather.  I will be sending home information soon to look for volunteers for Winter Bundlers.  Winter Bundlers help get our Kindergarteners ready for recesses.  I am looking for help during the times of 11:20 a.m. and 12:00 noon daily during our snowy times.  It would require coming into school to help our Kindergarteners get ready for recess with their extra clothing and then helping them get ready for lunch.  If you know you are interested please email me at jbaker4@hpseagles.net.  I will be sending home information as well to ask for help.

Backpack Snacks:  Be sure to remember to pack your kinder two snacks everyday.  We enjoy an a.m. and p.m. snack time everyday!  It helps us keep our bellies happy and brains ready to learn!

THANK YOU:  A HUGE thank you to all of you for meeting with me this week during conferences!  It was such a pleasure to get a chance to share your child’s progress with you.  I am so VERY proud of all of the Kindergartners!!!  Thank you for working together as a team to build these wonderful little minds!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 13…PE
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14…Music, Library
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15…Art, Homework Due
  • Thursday, Nov. 16…STEAM, Last day to bring in food items! Mrs. Baker gone…an all K teacher learning day!
  • Friday, Nov. 17…PE, Popcorn Friday. Mrs. Baker gone…an all K teacher learning day!
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22-Friday, Nov. 24…NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break.
  • Dec. 14…Holiday Music Program, starts at 6:30 p.m….more information coming soon.