Dear Kinder families,

Today your kinder took home their very first TAKE HOME book. They had huge smiles when they found out they were taking books home to read today!! You will find inside their bag a yellowish note with more details about this exciting learning adventure.  Their bag is labeled with their name and days to return their books.There is a step by step home directions sheet,  a parent comment sheet, a reading strategies bookmark and a book just right for them to read.  Remember that TAKE HOME books are not meant to be challenging for your kinder to read.  They should feel successful to be able to read these books.  We will save the challenging books for school learning. 🙂 Our goal is to read at a B level by February and a D level by the end of the school year.

Please encourage and support your kinder as needed when they read their book to you.  It is good to read the book more than one time and on different occasions.  PLEASE KEEP THIS BOOK HOME UNITL WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24. Wednesday will be the first day that your kinder will read their book with a parent volunteer at school. Parent volunteers will read with the kinders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The kinders were very excited to begin this new adventure.  Happy Reading!!!! 🙂

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