This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: up, away, today, play

READING: In reading this week, we reviewed using our pointer power when we read. The Kinders practiced making sure they were pointing to the words as they read, making sure they are reading every word that is written…not skipping or adding any words. They had fun wearing the pointer power rings when they read. 

WRITING: In writing this week, we worked more on opinion writing. The Kinders practiced stating their opinion and backing up their opinions with reasons. They even had to write a closing sentence. They are getting a lot of practice at writing opinion papers!

MATH: In math this week, we worked on finding partners of ten, telling if numbers are equal or not equal and practicing addition and subtraction equations. We also practiced drawing teen numbers…a group of 10 and some extra ones. We always like it when we get to practice our math skills on white boards!


MYSTERY READER: Juliet’s dad surprised us this Friday by being a mystery reader in our class. Juliet was so excited to see him. He had all of the Kinder’s attention, they loved listening to the book about pirates called How I Became a Pirate!

BUTTERFLIES: Our butterflies were ready to be let go to fly away this week. Monday and Tuesday was too rainy, so we waited until Wednesday to let them fly away. As they flew away we said, “Bye bye butterfly!” Ava wore the perfect shirt for letting our butterflies go!

LIVING AND NON-LIVING: We have been learning about things that are living and non-living. We did some fun activities this week to be able to tell the difference. We ended our study by taking a nature walk and founds things outside our school that were living and things that were non-living. We have been trying to grow our lima bean plants. We have one plant that has grown and that belongs to Ethan. We are still working on getting the rest of them to grow! 


Monday, May 21: PE; take-home books

Tuesday, May 22: Music; Library…bring back your library books

Wednesday, May 23: Art; take-home books

Thursday, May 24: STEAM

Friday, May 25: PE; Last day of take home books; Wear your red, white and blue day! 

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day…no school

Friday, June 1: Kindergarten Olympics…still looking for more volunteers if you’re interested!

Friday, June 8: Last day of school…half day

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