This Week in Kindergarten…

The Color Red…

We started learning about our first color word this week…red! We learned about different things that are red, met Randy Red, practiced writing the word red, made a red book, wore red clothes and made a red craft. We had a lot of fun making a Clifford craft to end our week of red!

Shared Reading…

We read two poems this week during our shared reading time. We read a letter Aa poem and a letter Bb poem together as a class. After reading, we found the letter Aa and letter Bb in the poem. It was fun to hear how the words in the poems rhyme! We also made an Aa brochure to take home. 


In math this week, we started learning about number sense. We “read” a book called Anno’s Counting Book. There are no words in the book, but we learned about numbers throughout the book. We also practiced looking at a number and making that number using math magnets. 

Math Games…

On Friday, we had a lot of fun playing math games! It was our first time trying math games in kindergarten and we did amazing! We had a chance to move around the room in groups and try all of the games! We…

  • Made numbers out of Play-Dough.
  • Spun an ice-cream spinner and scooped that color ice-cream onto a cone or bowl.
  • Rolled a die, found the correct color teddy bear and sorted the teddy bears into the correct colored cups.
  • Rolled a die, counted the correct number of peanuts and put them into peanut bags.
  • Looked at a flower with a number on it and built the flower as tall as the number shown.


We learned that writer’s share information with each other. We practiced sharing information with a partner. We learned how to “turn and talk” to your partner. We practiced taking turns telling our partners different things such as…What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? What did you do after school yesterday? The partner that went first was the “jelly” (speaker) partner. The partner that went second was the “peanut butter” (listener) partner. I was amazed at how well they did with this activity! Way to go Kinders!

Cool Tools…

We continued learning about cool tools this week! We…

  • Read ish and learned how it’s nice to give compliments and say nice things to each other – our nice dice remind us of this!
  • Read Franklin’s Bad Day and learned when sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away – our shoe reminds us of this!
  • Read When I Get Angry and learned that sometimes you need to “chill out” on your own until you’re ready to play – we played a game with ice cubes to remind us of this!
  • Read Being Friends and learned that we are all different and special and to find the beauty in everyone – we looked through a kaleidoscope to remind us of this!

Play Time…

We LOVE play time!! It’s our favorite part of the day!! Enjoy these cute pictures of your sweet Kinders playing together at school!!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, September 10 – Art

Tuesday, September 11 – STEAM; library…please bring back your library book. 

Wednesday, September 12 – Music

Thursday, September 13 – PE

Friday, September 14 – Art; color day…wear YELLOW; fast Friday (school gets out at 12:15). 

Thursday, September 27 is school picture day. Information will be coming home soon! 

Please remember to send your child with 2 snacks each day! We have a morning and an afternoon snack! Thank you!

We had a great week at school!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

~Mrs. Baker

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