The Kinders have done it again. They have made great choices and earned 5 stars!! Tomorrow we will be enjoying earning all 5 of our stars!! We will be celebrating with having a …


The Kinders can choose a hat to wear tomorrow at school!! 

Our Next Star Student Activity is…


Lucky will be coming home with each child at some point over the next 6 weeks. When your Kinder brings Lucky home, he/she is our star student the next day. There is a letter inside the backpack that will explain the activity to do when you have Lucky visit your house. The Kinders get so excited about having Lucky, so have lots of fun!!

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: me, be, we, will

COLOR WORD: black and white. We had a lot of fun reading Harry the Dirty Dog books this week at school. The Kinders thought Harry was a funny dog! We made a book about the color black and a book about the color white. It was fun painting a panda as our color craft! It was fun getting a piece of black construction paper and a white crayon and drawing! The Kinders looked so cute dressed in their black and white clothes!

READING: In reading this week, each Kinder got their own reading mat.  They use their reading mat to help them remember to read all of their books and then reread them. They stack their books and put them on the green dot side and beginning reading. When they are done with a book, it moves to the red dot side.  When all of the books are on the red dot side, the Kinders can read them back to the green side. We practiced getting right to work during our quiet read time and worked hard on reading the whole time! They read for a quiet 7 minutes this week!! Wow!!  This week we also learned and practiced 3 ways to read a book…

  1. Tell a story you already know.
  2. Look at the pictures and tell a story.
  3. Read the words.

WRITING: In writing this week, we wrote about our special classes….music, gym, art, STEAM.  I am amazed at the details the Kinders are including in their drawings! They are doing a great job with labeling the beginning sound they hear in the word they are labeling!

MATH: In math this week, we continued to practice writing our numbers, especially 1-5 and identifying groups of numbers 1-5. They also practiced recognizing shapes that have straight lines and have no straight lines. This coming Tuesday, Oct. 16 we will be going to our “offices” and being “office workers” as we take our very first math unit test. I have “offices” for the Kinders to use…to help them work on their own papers. The Kinders will be assessed on number writing 1-5, identifying and drawing groups of numbers 1-5, identifying shapes and completing dot to dot pictures. I know that they will do a fabulous job!

LITERACY TIME: During our literacy time this week, the Kinders went on a Leaf Hunt! It was so much fun, they found and colored the correct alphabet letter! They loved it! We played a “pass the pumpkin” game where we passed around pumpkins that had letters on them. When the song stopped, we had to tell the letter on the pumpkin we had and the sound it makes. We also practiced syllables during literacy this week. I am amazed at how well they are doing! We looked for the uppercase G and lowercase g in a poem and highlighted them. We are working so hard!

MYSTERY READER: RJ’s grandparents came (all the way from Georgia) and were mystery readers in our classroom! RJ was thrilled that they came to read to us…a book all about germs! RJ even helped his grandma read part of the book! Thank you so much for coming to our classroom!

FOURTH GRADE BUDDIES: On Friday, our fourth grade buddies came to our class to do a fun fall math game with us! We love getting together with our buddies!

TWO BACKPACK SNACKS: Thank you for sending 2 healthy snacks each day.  I do have graham crackers available if you forget. 

NOVEMBER PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Please complete this survey as soon as possible.  SURVEY CLOSES OCTOBER 19 at 11:59pm.  This will help us schedule your kinder’s conference. 

WARM SWEATSHIRTS OR COATS:  Please continue to send your kinder to school based on the weather. The mornings and days are becoming cooler, but we still go outside to play.


Monday, Oct. 15 – PE; Happy Birthday Eliana!!

Tuesday, Oct.16 – ART; Library books due back today.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 – STEAM

Thursday, Oct. 18 – MUSIC

Friday, Oct. 19 – PE; color day… Wear ORANGE!

Tuesday, Oct. 23—Turkey Trot

Tuesday, Oct. 30—School Picture Retake Day Please return the original picture package during retakes.

Wednesday, Oct 31—FALL PARTY & PARADE— Our Kinder parade will begin at 10:15am. Our classroom party will follow. It should be a lot of fun!!

Headphones for STEAM

Our STEAM teacher, Mrs. Totten, is asking that each kindergartener bring  a pair of headphones to use during STEAM class. We will keep these at school for the rest of the school year and then will send them home at the end of the school year. We will start using them within the next couple weeks. If you could please send these in a zip-lock bag and label them, that would be helpful. Thank you! 


Tomorrow we are celebrating our color words of the week by wearing them! Remember to wear BLACK and WHITE tomorrow!


Tomorrow is also EARLY RELEASE. School gets out at 12:15. Please remember to email me if your child needs a sack lunch from the food service department. 

This Week in Kindergarten…



We read different books about the color purple this week in kindergarten. The Kinders are so good at finding the color word in our morning messages! We had fun watching a song and video called One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater. We liked it so much, we had to watch it twice! We ended our purple week by making our own One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater craft and wearing the color purple. 

READING:  This week during reading the Kinders practiced how to “lean and tell” and “turn and talk” about books.  We discovered that every book includes the same parts – the front and back of book, title, author & illustrator names, title page, pictures and words. The Kinders learned what a GOOD FIT book is. A GOOD FIT book is a book that looks interesting to them. They can look at the cover and the pictures to get an idea if it’s a book they’d like to read and keep in their blue book box. The Kinders thought it was exciting to get to “shop” for books on their own! 

MATH:   This week in math, we continued practicing our number writing and finding groups of numbers one through four. We also had a lot of fun telling addition and subtraction stories. We used fun pictures in our math books to tell stories and the Kinders themselves got to be part of the addition and subtractions stories. They loved being part of the math stories! On Friday, we had fun playing fire safety math games!  

WRITING: During writing this week, we continued to practice writing about things that we have all experienced together at school. We did a shared writing where we all wrote together and had fun writing on white boards too. We kept adding details to our pictures and labeling our drawing. We always label ourselves in our drawings, but are beginning to label other things too. We had fun writing about our fourth grade buddies and then gave them the papers to keep. It was so exciting when they came to bring us to the bus on Friday and had written us notes too! They take such good care of us! 

LITERACY: This week we started practicing beginning word sounds. We did a great job listening to the word and telling the sound that came first! We practiced tracing our letters using dry erase markers. Every time we can use markers, it is fun! We also practiced matching upper and lower case letters and coloring them the same color. 

FIRE SAFETY: On Friday, we had two Georgetown Firefighters visit our classroom…Firefighter Dan and Firefighter Craig. They taught us all about fire safety. They showed us about tools and toys and we did a great job at being able to tell the difference. We learned about smoke detectors and how to STOP-DROP-AND ROLL. We loved learning about their uniforms. Firefighter Craig let us see his uniform up close. The firefighters brought their fire truck to our school and we got to see it! They showed us all of the tools they have in their fire trucks. It was very exciting to have real firefighters come to Georgetown to see us! It was a super fun fire safety day! 

WALK-A-THON: On Friday, we also had our walk-a-thon scheduled. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled because of the rainy weather. Mrs. Elders, a para-pro at our school, taught us Zumba instead. We still had fun!

MYSTERY READER: Claire’s grandma surprised her by coming to our classroom and reading to us. It was fun to have her visit our room! She even brought along Claire’s mom and little sister, Mia. We had fun listening to the story! I will be sending out a message soon about signing up to be a mystery reader for our class! It’s so fun!!

GROCERY STORE: When we walked in to our room on Monday morning, it was fun to see our dramatic play center had been changed into a grocery store! We couldn’t wait until free choice time to try it out!


Monday, October 8: PE

Tuesday, October 9: ART; Library…please bring back your books

Wednesday, October 10: STEAM

Thursday, October 11: MUSIC

Friday, October 12: PE; Wear black and white; Fast Friday…dismissal at 12:15; please email me if your Kinder needs a sack lunch from the hot lunch service for our early release day.

Tuesday, October 23: Turkey Trot

Thursday, October 30: Picture retake day

Wednesday, October 31: Fall party and parade…If you emailed me to volunteer with supplies and/or helping at the party, you will be hearing from Mrs. Penty soon. She is our party coordinator for the Fall party. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this party a fun day for the Kinders!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!          ~Mrs. Baker


You are more than welcome to come walk the track with us tomorrow, Friday, October 5, from 9:45-10:30am! Our theme this year is “Lovin’ the 80’s”. Dress like it was in the 80’s or in Hudsonville blue or gold. We are looking forward to a fun morning of walking for our school. We hope you can join us!!