Sack Lunch

If your kindergartener needs a sack lunch from the hot lunch program tomorrow for our early release day, please email me to let me know – along with their milk choice, chocolate or white. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll plan on your child eating lunch at home with you. Thank you!

Important Music Program Details

Your Kinder’s first Georgetown Holiday Music Program is this Thursday, December 12! We are SO excited to perform for you!! Here are all of the details regarding this year’s program:

Georgetown Holiday Music Program

December 12, 2019

Fair Haven Church

6:30 – 7:00   K-2nd     
(kinders report at 6:15)

7:45 – 8:15   3rd-5th   

(Students report at 7:30)

Where is the church?
Address: 2900 Baldwin Street  Hudsonville, MI 49426.
Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.   Our school has grown so big that we need a big space to perform!  They graciously let us rent their auditoritum for our performance.  

What time do kinders need to be at the church?
Kinders need to report to their assigned classroom 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM. 

It is very important not to be late so teachers have enough time to line up kinders in their riser orders, pass out props and make sure everyone who has a special part is accounted for. Please do not send your kinder to the classroom unsupervised or prior to their scheduled time.

Where does my kinder need to go when they get to the church?
There will be signs at the church directing you to your kinders’ classroom.
Below is the room assignment for kinders

K – Family Life Center

How long will the program be?
Each group will perform for about 30 minutes. There will be 45 minutes between the two programs for K-2nd grade students to leave and upper elementary students to arrive for the next program.

What order are the grades singing?
The grades are singing in order of age: Kindergarten perform first, then 1st/2nd grade, then 3rd grade and finally 4th/5th grade.

Your kinder will sit as a class (with the audience) after their performance.  They will watch their peers perform.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR KINDER’S COAT WITH YOU. MRS REAGAN WILL DISMISS YOUR KINDER TO YOU AFTER THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IS DONE.

Can we save seats early in the day?
No. The only reserved seats will be for the directors, videographers, and teachers. 
Seating is first come first served at that time. 
PLEASE be respectful and courteous to other families. Everyone wants a good seat and we will do our best to fit everyone into the auditorium.  Please try to keep young children on your laps and not to take up unnecessary seats in order to leave more space for others.  

Is food or drink allowed in the church?
No food or drink is allowed in the church. This is strictly enforced.
We are so gracious to Fair Haven for allowing us to rent their facility and we need to abide by their rules.
Do the kinders need to wear anything special?
No. Most kinders love to dress up and will wear special holiday dresses or outfits, but there is no requirement.
The exception to this is if your kinder has a special part. Some parts require special costumes. Many costumes are provided, but some may have to be brought from home. If your kinder has a special part, they should have brought home a “congratulations” letter that would say if they need to wear or bring anything special. Please note that if your kinder has a special part that requires a costume, they will NOT have time to change in between songs and will need to wear their costume for the entire performance.

How do students get special parts?
For most parts, students audition during the school day. Sometimes if Mrs. Bretz has simple parts she randomly choose students or choose random class numbers. She also keeps track of every student who has ever had a Christmas program part from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Whenever possible, Mrs. Bretz tries to give parts to students who have not ever had parts or who have not had parts in the past couple years. Typically, she will have about 50-100 students audition for one part! She narrows the students down to about 20 and puts those names in a bowl and draws out a lucky winner. Although Mrs. Bretz would love everyone to have a part, having almost 600 students and only a handful of parts each year is very difficult. She discusses this with the students and they realize everyone cannot have a solo part, but that EVERY single person is important to the success of the program. Most songs have special props or motions that involve everyone as well.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please email Mrs. Bretz (our music teacher and holiday program director) at 

Gingerbread Reminder…

Just a reminder to work on disguising your gingerbread person this weekend! Please have fun completing this project with your Kinder and send them to school on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: look, from, run

READING: This week during reading, we practiced sounds like readers when we read. We used our voice to bring our books to life! We also learned about noticing punctuation as we read. We practiced reading Where is Thumbkin? We noticed periods, question marks and exclamation points. We also learned we have persistence power when we read! When one super power doesn’t work well, we try another one! The Kinders practiced this on their own during reading time and with their partners. 

WRITING: During writing this week, we practiced writing a small moment story as a class (shared writing). We wrote about when we made Stone Soup as a class. The Kinders helped with the pictures, the labels and the words! Then, they wrote a story of their own. We practiced using a checklist when writing stories. The checklist helps the Kinders remember the things they need to do: draw pictures, add labels, write words, use finger spaces between words and use periods. I’m so proud of how hard they are working on their stories!

MATH: This week during math, we looked for groups of ten, colored them and circled them. We got to meet Ten Bug! Ten Bug flew around our room and helped us make ten groups. The Kinders loved getting to meet Ten Bug! We also learned about partners of numbers. For example, using the number 6, we broke it apart into the partners 2 and 4. We put a “break apart stick” to show the two partners. Then we put a plus sign in between the two partners. We finished the week by counting groups of objects and practicing adding and subtracting numbers. 

LITERACY: During our literacy time this week, we practiced having 5 different literacy stations going on at the same time. At each station, the Kinders practiced a different literacy skill. Some of the stations they did on their own and some of the stations were led by a teacher. The Kinders did a great job! We were lucky enough to have some parents help during our literacy time! If you are interested in coming to help during our literacy time, just let me know! 

2ND GRADE READERS: On Thursday, Ms. Yankee’s class visited our classroom and read to us! Some of the Kinders had siblings or cousins in Ms. Yankee’s class. They were so excited about their visit!! It was fun for Mrs. Baker to have some of her past students visit!


GINGERBREAD FUN: On Friday, we had fun learning more about the Gingerbread Man! We heard a story, read a story and retold the story. Then we “sewed” the gingerbread man! Even though it was a little tricky, they did a great job of working hard! 


Monday, December 9: Art; Library – remember to return your book!

Tuesday, December 10: STEAM

Wednesday, December 11: Music

Thursday, December 12: Gym; Holiday Program starts at 6:30 at Fairhaven Church in Jenison

Friday, December 13: Music; Early Release Day – dismissal at 12:15; Wear a flannel day

Monday, December 16: Art; Wear green and red day; Please remember to turn in book for our classroom book exchange – wrapped with who it is from on it!

Tuesday, December 17: STEAM; Wear a holiday hat day; Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

Wednesday, December 18: Music; Grinch Day 

Thursday, December 19: Gym; Holiday Party 2:00-3:00; Holiday sweater day

Friday, December 20: Art; Polar Express day – wear your pj’s

December 23 – January 5: Vacation…see you on January 6, 2020!

Candy Cane Sale…

The annual fifth grade candy cane sale is officially here!

The annual candy cane sale has returned. Our fifth-grade classes will sell candy canes to help raise money for their end of year activities. This year the sale runs from Wednesday, December 4 through Wednesday, December 18.The cost for each candy cane is $1.00, and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered. If you’d like your Kinder to order a candy cane, please send money in an envelope or baggie (with their name on it) in their blue folder. That way, I will be sure to see it. Thank you for your support, and happy holidays!


I am very thankful for each of my sweet Kindergarteners! They make me smile each day! I am glad they are in my class!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Week in Kindergarten…

Turkey Fun!

On Monday, we had fun with some turkey learning! We read a Scholastic News and learned about how kids helped long ago.

The Kinders had a lot of fun “writing the room” … they searched for Thanksgiving pictures around the room and had to write the words that went along with the pictures. They had fun hunting for pictures!

We read a Thanksgiving story and made a bracelet with colored beads that represented different things in the story.

We labeled and colored a turkey!

We read numbers, put them in order and wrote them in order. 

Stone Soup Fun!

On Tuesday, we made Stone Soup! We listened to the Stone Soup story and then added our vegetables to the pot along with a stone and let it heat up until we were ready to enjoy it! 

Before we tried the soup, we voted on if we thought we were going to like it or not. 

Then, we ate the soup. You can tell if we liked it or not!

After we were done, we voted on if we did like the soup or not. 

We had fun doing a Stone Soup word search and reading a Stone Soup book!

We were so lucky…Joshua’s mom made 2 pumpkin pies for our class to try and enjoy! The Kindergarteners loved it! Thank you for thinking of us and making us pies!

We even got to visit a second grade classroom, Mrs. Bast’s class! They taught us things from the non-fiction books they have been practicing! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy your time with family and friends!


Tomorrow we are going to be making Stone Soup as a class! Please send your veggies in tomorrow to add to our soup! 

  1. Please use the baggie I sent home to place your food item inside.
  2. Please clean and chop all vegetables into bite sized pieces. The food must be ready to be placed inside our pot. If you use canned vegetables, please drain them prior to placing them in the baggie. Please send in no more than a 1/2 cup of vegetables.
  3. Please choose 1 vegetable from the following list:

green beans






Looking forward to a fun day!

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: an, can, man, ran

READING: This week in reading, we added another power to our growing list of Super Reader Powers! The power we added was SOUND POWER! We learned and practiced looking at the first sound in a word and having that first sound help us read the word. We also learned that it’s important when reading to use more than one of your powers. If one power doesn’t help you, try another one! 

WRITING: During writing this week, we started a new small moment story. We came up with a new story idea…one that’s true and all about you! The Kinders practiced telling their story to a friend and then started writing their story by drawing pictures on the first page, labeling the pictures and then adding words to the page. We did this for the second and third page too. We talked about the words beginning, middle and end. 

MATH: This week in math, we finished unit 2. We finished the unit with a shape lesson, reviewing the shapes and looking for them in a picture. Then, we reviewed everything we’ve learned so far in unit 2 and took a math test. The Kinders love it when we get out the “offices” and use them to take our math tests. It helps us to stay focused on our own math paper. 

LITERACY: We enjoyed some turkey themed literacy activities this week! The Kinders practiced rhyming, syllables, beginning and ending sounds. We also practiced our popcorn words and our ABC’s. Way to go Kinders!

WANTS AND NEEDS: We continued learning about wants and needs. We sorted pictures of things that are wants and things that are needs. The Kinders then did a cut and paste about wants and needs. They cut, glued and wrote: I want ice cream. I need to eat. We will continue to practice wants and needs and then will do an assessment.


5TH GRADE BUDDIES: Our 5th grade buddies also came to our class recently! We love it when they come to visit! They helped us make a turkey craft. They are decorating our classroom for the next couple weeks. 

MYSTERY READER: We were surprised with a mystery reader last week! Elijah’s mom surprised Elijah when she came through the door! She read us a really fun book called Secrets of the Rain Forest! It was a neat book…we had to have the lights off and shine a flash light on the book to discover the rain forest animal they were talking about. We had a great time!

MYSTERY READER: Stella’s mom surprised Stella and came through the door as a mystery reader! The Kinders had a great time listening to a fun turkey book called, The Great Turkey Race! It was a cute story about the turkeys winning a race so they couldn’t be eaten for dinner. Stella’s neighbor and friend, Macon, was excited about Stella’s mom being here too! 

MYSTERY READER: Carmel’s mom surprised Carmel and visited our class to be a mystery reader! Carmel was thrilled! The Kinders had a great time listening to a wonderful story called The Giving Tree (one of my favorites)!

GVSU BASEBALL PLAYERS: This Fall we have been very lucky to gave many of the GVSU baseball players and their coach come and teach us how to play different math games on Fridays! It has been fun to get to know the different players. The Kindergarteners look forward to this each week! This Friday was their last day visiting our classroom…we will miss them! Thank you GVSU baseball for helping us to get better at math!


Monday, November 25: STEAM; Library – remember to return your book!

Tuesday, November 26: Music; STONE SOUP DAY – remember to send in your veggies!

November 27 – November 29: THANKSGIVING BREAK – no school

December 12: HOLIDAY PROGRAM at 6:30 at Fair Haven Church in Jenison; Bring in a wrapped book for our book exchange – remember to put your Kinder’s name on it. 

December 13: Early Release Day – dismissal at 12:15

December 17: HOLIDAY SHOP – more details to come

December 18: GRINCH DAY!

December 19: HOLIDAY PARTY 2:00-3:00

December 20: POLAR EXPRESS DAY– wear your jammies! 

December 23 – January 5: HOLIDAY BREAK