This Week in Kindergarten…

Popcorn Words- these, they

Split Lit – We continued to work on our literacy skills during split lit this week. We are always excited when there are new stations to try!

Reading – In reading this week, we continued our studying characters. We had fun playing a game where we had to guess the character’s feelings and show that feeling using body language and facial expressions. The kids did a great job and had so much fun playing! We made character connections in all of the books we read this week.

Math – In math this week, we finished unit 4. We kept practicing adding and subtracting, finding partner of different numbers, looking for the number that is greater or less and studying 3D shapes. We ended the week by taking unit 4 test…in our offices!

Writing – In writing this week, we practiced writing how to’s. We wrote about how to make cookies and how to make spaghetti. We also wrote a how to as a class. We wrote How To Get Hot Lunch. We shared the pen and wrote the how to together. We thought of our idea, told the steps in order, wrote the steps in words and drew the pictures. It was fun to do it all together! Next week we will try it all by ourselves!

We have 5 new visitors in our classroom that we will be watching grow! They are CATERPILLARS!! They arrived this week and we are excited to watch them grow into beautiful BUTTERFLIES!!


Earth Day – We had a fun day celebrating our Earth and what we can do to help and protect our Earth. We read a book about Earth day, made Earth day headbands, did an Earth day color-by-number and made an Earth craft.

Mrs. Baker’s daughter, Ashleigh, brought their dog for a visit on Friday. The kinders have heard a lot about Daisie and were excited to finally get to meet her! She even showed the kinders how she could sit and shake…for a treat!

OUTSTANDINGS!! There are 2 students in our class who were recognized this week from Mrs. Reagan for following the Georgetown rules…be nice, work hard, learn well! Congratulations to Quinn and Dylan! We are proud of you!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, April 23: Music; Bring your take-home book back

Tuesday, April 24: Art; Library day…remember your book; GES Art Reception at 5:30; Culver’s Night

Wednesday, April 25: STEAM; Bring your take-home book back; Homework due

Thursday, April 26: PE

Friday, April 27: Music; Bring your take-home book back

Sunday, April 29: GVSU baseball game!! I’m hoping to see everyone there!

Friday, May 4: Book order forms due-online or turn in to Mrs. Baker

Tuesday, May 8: Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing and Hager Park



This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: jump, him

READING: In reading this week, we studied characters. We reviewed what we know about characters: characters can be people, animals or things, characters can talk, characters are who the story is about, characters can change and we make connections to characters.  We learned that you can learn more about characters from: the way they look, the things they say and do and from what other characters do. We had fun reading books with characters in them, especially the Berenstain Bear books!

WRITING: In writing this week, we started learning about How To writing. We began by reading How To books to learn what they are all about. Then we practiced telling how to do something by acting out how to put on a coat. We talked about the things we need to put on a coat, then said the steps in order and last acted it out. We then practiced writing how to’s…we wrote about how to brush your teeth and how to make a s’more. We ended the week by making a book, How To Build a Little Monster Ice-Cream Sundae. We learned the steps: Think, Plan, Sketch, Write. We learned the transitional words: First, Next, Then, Last. We will continue to write more how to’s next week. 

MATH: In math this week, we continued to practice adding and subtracting numbers. We learned more about teen numbers and what teen numbers look like. We also found partners…partners of 5 are: 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 2, 4 and 1. 

HANDWRITING: We practiced writing our first and last names this week. We talked about using capital letters only for the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name. 

MYSTERY READER: We enjoyed listening to 2 mystery readers this week! Kenzie was very surprised when her mom came through the door, she had a big smile! She read us a fun Scooby Doo book. She brought a Scooby Doo with her that “talked” and helped to read the book to us. We even got a yummy gummy hamburger…just like Scooby likes! Dylan was so excited and surprised to see his grandma walk through the door this week too! She read us Possum Magic. It was a story we hadn’t heard and we had fun listening to it! Dylan’s grandma brought us a yummy cookie that we got to enjoy after lunch. Thank you to both of our mystery readers for taking time to read to our class!!


SOIL EXPLORATION: On our fast Friday, we had a lot of fun exploring soil!! We used magnifying glasses and looked closely at the soil. We found many interesting things in the soil…rocks, worms, spiders, wood chips, roots. 

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT WITH MRS. STUTZ’S CLASS: We were invited to Mrs. Stutz’s class this week to do an experiment with them. We made a liquid rainbow! It was exciting to watch the different things be added to the jar and see the different colors appear. We added corn syrup, oil, dish soap, rubbing alcohol and water. It was a great experiment…we were happy we got to join in on the fun!!

FUN WITH MRS. REAGAN: One day Mrs. Reagan came to our class during free choice time. She had surgery over spring break and has a cast on her foot and leg. She let the Kinders sign her cast. They loved it!!

READING WITH FIRST GRADERS: Mrs. Stadt invited our class to come to her class and listen to her first graders read to us. They have been practicing reading smoothly and wanted to show us how good they were doing. They have also been reading non-fiction books and learning new facts…like we did in Kindergarten!


Monday, April 16: PE, Take-Home Books

Tuesday, April 17: Music, Library…bring back you library book!

Wednesday, April 18: Art, Take-Home Books

Thursday, April 19: STEAM

Friday, April 20: PE, Take-Home Books, Popcorn Friday, Rock Collections Due

Sunday, April 29: GVSU Baseball Game at noon

Tuesday, May 8: Spring Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center & Hagar Park.  A bright orange note will be coming home Monday containing volunteer information.  All parents (and younger siblings) are welcome to join us at Hagar Park for a picnic lunch and playtime. Please send back the the bottom portion of the bright orange note.



READING: This week in reading we finished up our unit on non-fiction. We finished up talking about non-fiction and fiction text features. We had fun making a poster that describes non-fiction and fiction features. We sorted some sentences…telling what type of book each sentence would be.


WRITING: The Kinders worked hard on their on-demand writing this week! We learned all about wolves before they started their writing. They told me all the things they already knew about wolves, we read a book about wolves and together we made a list of what wolves can do, what wolves have and what wolves are. Then, the Kinders had to write a book all about wolves all by themselves! They had to write sentences (trying to use capital letters in the correct place and punctuation), draw pictures and add labels. Wow…that was a lot of hard work! Way to go Kinders!!


MATH: In math this week, we continued practicing adding and subtracting numbers. We are getting good at it! We practiced dot-to-dots with numbers all the way up to 20. We also started a making a teen number book, learning all about teen numbers. We finished the week with some bunny subtraction and “peep” math.

MYSTERY READER: Ava’s dad surprised her this week and was a mystery reader in our class! He read the book Pete the Cat’s Big Easter Adventure. Pete the Cat is a favorite of ours, so we were excited to hear that story! Thank you so much for coming to read to us!



Monday, April 9 – Back to school; PE; Bring back take-home book

Tuesday, April 10 – Music; Library…remember your library book

Wednesday, April 11 – Art; Bring take-home book

Thursday, April 12 – STEAM

Friday, April 13 – Art; EARLY RELEASE DAY…dismissal at 12:15; Please email Mrs. Baker if your son/daughter will need a lunch from food service for early release. 

THANK YOUto the Duwe family for the pizza party!! We had a lot of fun…enjoy the pizza pictures and pajama day fun pictures!

Have an enjoyable and relaxing Spring break!! I will look forward to seeing all of my sweet Kinders on Monday, April 9!!                         ~Mrs. Baker  🙂

Pajama and Pizza Day!!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is an all Kindergarten pajama day!! If your Kinder would like to wear his/her pajamas, they may. Please leave stuffed animals, pillows and blankets at home. Pajamas and slippers are welcome!!

We are also have a pizza party in our class tomorrow!! Remember to send your child with a drink for the party. 

We are looking forward to a fun day before Spring break!!

Pizza Lunch…

The Duwe family (Jasper’s parents) are providing our class with a pizza and breadstick lunch from Little Caesars on Thursday. Please send your son/daughter with something to drink for lunch. If they don’t want to participate in the pizza lunch, please email me to let me know. We will enjoy a fun pizza party thanks to the Duwe family!! Thank you!!

Welcome Spring!!

POPCORN WORDS: could, would, should


READING: In reading this week, we continued studying non-fiction and fiction texts. We focused our reading and writing on goats this week. We looked for text features in non-fiction books and got to show them on the document camera in front of the class…that was fun!! We also read the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We talked about that story being fiction and the differences with fiction and non-fiction. We also talked about the problem in the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the solution. We had a lot of fun with The Three Billy Goats Gruff story! Since it was the first day of Spring this week, we also enjoyed listening to new books from the book fair about Spring!


WRITING: In writing this week, we wrote informational books All About Goats. We started by telling everything we knew about goats (which was quite a bit). We read about goats and wrote about what goats can do, what goats have and what goats are. Then we each wrote a book All About Goats. We wrote information on each page about goats, drew pictures to go with each page and labeled the pictures. We are getting really good at writing informational books!

MATH: In math this week, we continued our work on unit 4 in our math books. We have worked really hard at practicing math mountains and the tiny tumblers that go down each side of the mountain. We also practiced our teen numbers (10 + how many extra ones), addition and subtraction equations. 

SPLIT LIT: During our split lit time this week, we practiced many different skills. The kids enjoy split lit time during the day! It’s always fun to try new activities!

MYSTERY READER: We had 2 mystery readers come and read to us this week. Juliet’s mom came and read us a fun Disney book. She read us Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures.  After she read, she surprised us and brought yummy Golden Oreos as a treat!  Evelyn’s grandma surprised Evie and was a mystery reader this week too. She read us 2 stories. One of them, The Doorbell Rang, was a favorite of her kids from when they were little. The other book she read to us was, The Best Mouse Cookie. Since both of her books were about cookies, she brought us a yummy Oreo treat!


Monday, March 26: PE; Take-Home books

Tuesday, March 27: Music; Library…remember to bring your book back!

Wednesday, March 28: Art; Take-Home books

Thursday, March 29: STEAM; All Kindergarten PJ Day…wear your PJ’s Kinders!!

Friday, March 30: First day of Spring Break…enjoy our week off of school!!

Monday, April 9: Welcome back to school!! Brink back your Take-Home book.

A couple of notes…

  • Please remember to send your Kinder with 2 snacks each day!
  • Please remember to check and empty your Kinder’s blue take home folder each day so there is room for new things each day!

Enjoy these cute pictures…


This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: were, where, there

READING: This week in reading we continued to focus on non-fiction texts and telling the difference between non-fiction and fiction. We looked closely at pigs this week in both reading and writing. We read The Three Little Pigs. We practiced retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs through a craft and using our Shape Go Map. We enjoyed reading some different versions of the story too.

WRITING: In writing this week we focused our all about writing on pigs. We started the week discussing what we know about pigs already. The Kinders love to share what they know! After reading our non-fiction book on pigs, we wrote about what pigs can do, what pigs have and what pigs are. Then we wrote a book all about pigs. We wrote one of the pages together and the Kinders wrote the next two pages all by themselves! They wrote the words, drew pictures and labeled their drawings. Way to go Kinders!

MATH: In math this week, we learned about partners of ten. The Kinders are getting really good at knowing the two partners that add up to equal ten! We also learned about math mountains and the Tiny Tumblers that tumble down the mountain. The Tiny Tumblers are the partners that add up to the total at the top of the math mountain. We continued to practice finding the greater number and the number that is less.

SPLIT LIT: We enjoyed our split lit stations this week! We had fun rotating to different stations and getting to choose what we wanted to work on!

OUTSTANDING STUDENT: Juliet was awarded an OUTSTANDING award from Mrs. Reagan this week. She models the rules of Georgetown…Be Nice, Work Hard, Learn Well. Way to go Juliet, we are so proud of you!

MYSTERY READER: We had 2 mystery readers visit our classroom this week! Mrs. Sliwa, Juliet’s mom read to us on Tuesday. We had fun listening to the story Pet Charms. She picked the perfect book…Juliet is such a cat lover! On Thursday, Mrs. Greer surprised us by visiting our classroom as a mystery reader. She read us Class Two at the Zoo and Billy Bully. They were both great books to listen to!

ST. PATRICK’S DAY FUNOn Friday, we had a fun-filled day of green! We did all of our learning with a St. Patrick’s Day theme! When we got to school, we noticed that there were green leprechaun footprints on our tables!! We couldn’t believe it!! The leprechaun left clues for us that led us on a hunt around the room, leading us to a treasure…green glittery hats for all of us!! We made leprechaun pudding (pistachio pudding is white until you add the milk and then it turns green), made a book with Lucky the Leprechaun and all the places he goes, graphed our Lucky Charms marshmallows, wrote about why we are lucky kids, played shamrock bingo and counted the syllables in St. Patrick’s Day words. We had a great, green day!! Enjoy all of the cute pictures of your Kinders!!


Monday, March 19: STEAM; Take-Home books…bring your book!

Tuesday, March 20: PE; Library…remember your library book!

Wednesday, March 21: Music; Take-Home books; Homework due

Thursday, March 22: Art

Friday, March 23: STEAM

Thursday, March 29: All Kindergarten PJ day!!

Friday, March 30: First day of Spring Break!

Monday, April 9: School resumes!

Thank you to all of you for attending conferences! I truly enjoy this time to get to talk with each of you about your sweet Kinder! Enjoy your weekend!


Tomorrow is our class day to shop at the book fair. If your Kinder is going to buy books at the book fair, please send in cash or check in an envelope with their name on it tomorrow. Thank you!

Happy Reading!!

Conference Reminder…

Just a reminder that conferences are this week…Monday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 14. I’m looking forward to talking with you about your sweet Kinder!!