Second Day of Kindergarten!

We had another great day in kindergarten!! We had a lot of fun playing with Play-Dough after we learned the rules of Play-Dough of course. We are now Play-Dough Certified!! It’s official!! We reviewed our crayon rules today and since we are all doing such a great job with crayons, we are also Crayon Certified!! Yay!! Look for their awards in their blue folders. 

Today we started the first of our COOL TOOL lessons. These are lessons that teach us how to be good friends and how to handle different situations. We even keep our cool tools in a tool box. Today we read the book The Rainbow Fish and learned that our words matter. We learned that we need to be like an ERASER and forgive ourselves for mistakes that we make and learn from them. We also need to forgive others too who may say or do hurtful things to us. We colored a picture of a rainbow fish…and even got a shimmery and shiny scale to put on it! 

We re-read our book called Lining Up and Walking in the Hallway. This book helps us remember the rules for how to walk in the hallway. Today, we did an amazing job following the hallway rules!! Way to go Kinders!!

This afternoon, we drew a picture of ourselves and wrote our name. I am saving this paper at school for now, but you’ll get to have it eventually. 🙂

The kinders had some fun playing with some math manipulatives today also. They were able to create whatever they wanted to!!

I am excited for another fun-filled day tomorrow!!


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