Third Day of Kindergarten!

This morning we practiced our crayon skills by trying our best to color within the lines. This is tricky, but we worked hard on it!!

We had another exciting day in kindergarten! We started our day by re-reading Pete the Cat Rocking In My School Shoes. Pete the Cat is becoming a fast favorite of ours! After reading the book, we made our own Pete the Cat shoes. We practiced our cutting skills (after learning the rules about scissors) and our gluing skills (after learning the rules about glue sticks). We even got to put stickers on the shoes and draw shoelaces. It was a fun activity!

We learned our second COOL TOOL lesson. We read the book Chrysanthemum and learned that words spoken hurt other’s feelings and are impossible to take back, like toothpaste. We learned that we are all special and unique and then “brushed” away hurtful words with real toothpaste. 

We had a lot of fun reading a book called Interrupting Chicken! It was a silly book, but had a good lesson…we have to be listeners during learning time and not an Interrupting Chicken!! We did a coloring paper to go along with our book. 

We used two new tools for the first time this week. We used chalkboards and chalk. As a class, we practiced writing the number 0 and 1. We also drew 1 flower to go along with the number. The kids were excited to use the chalkboards, some of the kinders said they had even heard of a chalkboard before. 🙂

We had three friends in our class get recognized for summer learning. They were given an award to bring home and share with their family and one to hang up outside our classroom. There was a random drawing that gave a student in each grade a prize. The winner was RJ from our class…yay RJ!! He was so excited to get his Amazon gift card. 

Another exciting thing that happened today was that Eliana lost her tooth on the bus on the way to school!! She was so excited!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! I will look forward to seeing your sweet kiddos on Tuesday!!       ~Mrs. Baker

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