Tomorrow, Monday, October 1, we are celebrating all of our good choices we’ve made in our class!! We have earned 5 stars and are excited to be rewarded with a pajama day!! Wear your jammies tomorrow kinders!! 


This Week in Kindergarten…


Popcorn Words: is, his, this

Color Word: Green…We learned all about the color green this week. We learned about things that are green, read a green book, built the word green, read many Froggy books by Jonathon London, made a green frog and wore green clothes. It was a fun green week!

Reading: In reading this week, we learned that we want to be a BOOK LOVER and NOT a BOOK BULLY.  Book Lovers choose books carefully, turn each page, read every page in order, treat books with care. Book bullies are the opposite, they do not treat books respectfully. We also learned what it looks like to have Reader Respect.  That means we read quietly, stay in one spot, read the whole time and get started right away. It’s so fun to watch the kinders learn from the pictures in their books and start to recognize some of our popcorn words!! Way to go readers!!

Math: In math this week, we practiced identifying shapes…circles and not circles. The kinders worked as groups to make posters of circles and not circles. We learned about what a square and rectangle are also. We continued practicing comparing numbers. It is fun to get our comparing mats out and practice comparing numbers!

Writing: In writing this week, we wrote about going to library, hanging up our backpacks, our family and snack time.  We have awesome kinders who are working hard to draw detailed pictures and add labels to their writing! 

Eagle Spirit Day!! Eagle Spirit Day was a lot of fun! We had some band members, football players, cheerleaders and super fans visit us on Friday to get us all pumped up for the homecoming football game! It was a lot of fun!

Marker Certified!! We learned the rules for using markers and practiced those rules by coloring a rainbow with markers. We are now marker certified!!

BUCKET FILLERS: We are continuing to learn about being bucket fillers!! We read another book called, How Full is Your Bucket for Kids? and learned more about how to fill other’s invisible buckets. We sorted pictures that taught us about being bucket fillers and colored our own book to take home and share with our families. 

5 STAR REWARD: We earned five stars in our classroom and that means we have a reward day!! We earn our stars by being ready to learn throughout the day!! We are doing a great job!! We are going to celebrate by having a PAJAMA DAY on Monday, October 1. Please remind your kinder to wear jammies!!


Monday, Oct 1—MUSIC; Pajama Day!! 

Tuesday, Oct 2—PE; LIBRARY…please return your library book so you can get a new one!

Wednesday, Oct 3—ART

Thursday, Oct 4–STEAM;  COLOR DAY….Wear PURPLE (note change of date due to Walk-a-thon).

Friday, Oct 5—MUSIC;  Walk-A-Thon…You are more than welcome to come walk the track with us from 9:45-10:30am! Our theme this year is “Lovin’ the 80’s”. Dress like it was in the 80’s or in Hudsonville blue or gold.  Please consider donating as this is Georgetown’s ONLY fundraiser.  Thank you for your support!!  Click on this link – for more information. Fire prevention…the firefighters are visiting Georgetown. 

Friday, Oct 12—Fast Friday (Early Release Day….Dismissal at 12:15pm).

Tuesday, Oct. 23—Turkey Trot. If you’d like more information, please go to the PE blog on the side bar. 

Tuesday, Oct. 30—School Picture Retake Day

Wednesday, Oct 31—FALL PARTY AND PARADE:  We will be having our first class party on Wednesday, Oct 31. An email will be sent soon regarding this party.  Thank you for your willings to make our first party a success.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this fun day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

~Mrs. Baker


To get in the Eagle spirit for homecoming…We are having an EAGLE SPIRIT day tomorrow, Friday, September 28!! 

Please wear your Hudsonville gear or blue and gold if you’d like!! It will be a fun day!!

This Week in Kindergarten…

Popcorn Words: the, dog

Color Word: blue

We started learning about our third color word this week…blue! We learned about different things that are blue, met Brianna Blue, practiced writing the word blue, made a blue book, read a book called The Little Blue Truck and did an activity with it, wore blue clothes and made a blue Pete the Cat craft. We had so much fun! 

Constitution Day

We learned about Constitution Day by reading a book all about it. We also talked about how we have rules in our classroom and decorated handprints to hang up by our Classroom Pledge that we say every morning. 

Reader’s Workshop

This week we practiced looking at real world books…non-fiction books. It was fun to learn new things from looking at pictures and the details in books. 

Writer’s Workshop

We practiced drawing Mat Man again– a person, that includes certain body parts. We had fun listening to the Mat Man song and sang it together as we drew Mat Man. We drew pictures of our school lunch table, house and playground and practiced adding details and labels. They are doing an amazing job adding details to their pictures!


In math this week, we used our math workbooks for the first time. We learned about circles and practiced tracing and drawing them. We also practiced our number sense by drawing pictures to represent the numbers. We even got to do a number sense activity around the classroom. On Friday, we played fun math games!!

My Mouth is a Volcano

We read the book called My Mouth is a Volcano and learned a lesson about interrupting. We also learned a strategy to try when we are feeling like we are going to “erupt.” 

Bucket Fillers

We are going to practice being bucket fillers in our classroom! We read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and learned what it means to “fill a bucket.” Your kinders were going to try to be bucket fillers at home this weekend! We are going to practice being bucket fillers and continue to learn more about bucket fillers and what they do! 


BACKPACK SNACK & WATER BOTTLES:  Don’t forget those two quick, healthy backpack snacks. Please send your kinder with a water bottle so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.  

LIBRARY:  We got to go to library each Tuesday…remember to return those books. It’s always fun to get a new one each week!  



*Monday, Sept. 24—STEAM

*Tuesday, Sept. 25—Music; Library

*Wednesday, Sept 26—PE; COLOR DAY….Wear GREEN today!! Please notice change in day because of Eagle Spirit Day on Friday.

*Thursday, Sept 27–Art; Picture Day Come with your smile 🙂 and your sealed picture form envelope if you are purchasing a picture packet.

 *Friday, Sept 28—STEAM; Eagle Spirit Day…Wear blue and gold or Hudsonville gear;  Popcorn Day

*Wednesday, Oct. 31—Fall Class Party, 2:00-3:00 p.m.  Details coming soon.

This Week in Kindergarten…

Popcorn Words: I, see

The Color Yellow

We started learning about our second color word this week…yellow! We learned about different things that are yellow, met Yasmine Yellow, practiced writing the word yellow, made a yellow book, wore yellow clothes and made a yellow craft with our bus buddies. We had so much fun! The kids were so excited to have a picture with their bus buddies on their bus!

Shared Reading

We read two poems this week during our shared reading time. We read a letter Cc poem and a letter Dd poem together as a class. After reading, we found the letter Cc and letter Dd in the poems. We also read a sight word poem called I See. It was fun to hear how the words in the poems rhyme! 


This week in math we practiced making scenes of 2, 3, 4 and 5. We drew the number of objects needed to represent the correct number. We also worked with partner using our math tools. We showed a number and then used the correct number of squares that represent that number. 


In writing this week, we learned how to draw Mat Man – a person, that includes certain body part. We practiced drawing 1 head, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 body, 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs and 2 feet. We had fun learning the Mat Man song and sang it together as we drew Mat Man. We practiced adding details and labels to a bus picture and a rug picture. I am so impressed with how well the kindergarteners did with our writing!


We started our reading lessons this week. We learned about the Teacher’s Jobs and the Student’s Jobs during reader’s workshop. The teacher and students each have 3 jobs. Look at our poster that helps us remember our jobs. We also learned that We Are Readers! We can look. We can think. We can read. We practiced each of these things by reading words around our classroom. Wow…we can read a lot of words in our classroom!

Cool Tools

We read the book Hurty Feelings and learned that the tone of our voice is like a microphone. The way we say things can be kind or hurtful. We also read Mine-O-Saur. We learned that when a friend continues to bother us, we can say…”It bugs me when you do that and I wish you would stop.”

Bus Safety

On Tuesday, we had 2 bus drivers visit Georgetown and teach us all about bus safety. We had to listen to bus rules and then got a chance to practice them. We even got to take a short ride in the bus. We are bus safety certified!


We got to go to library again on Tuesday and visit Mrs. VandenBurg. It is so much fun to go to library! Please remember to help your kinder return their library book every Tuesday so they can get a new one!

Gathering Song

Mrs. Baker sings a song when it’s time to meet at the rug. The kinders have picked up so quickly on the song and now they sing along!

Class? Class? Yes! Yes!

This is one of the ways I use to  get your Kinder’s attention. I say, “Class? Class?” The Kinders respond, “Yes! Yes!” This is their cue to stop talking and put their eyes on Mrs. Baker. We learned this one of the first days of school and we practice this throughout the day. They are getting good at it! This week we added, hands and eyes! I say, “Hands and eyes!” The Kinders respond, “Hands and eyes!” This is their cue to put their hands in their laps and put their eyes on Mrs. Baker. We learned this cue this week and have practiced it throughout the week. We have pictures to help us remember!

Hannah lost a tooth this week!! She was so excited!! Check out her new smile.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, September 17: Art

Tuesday, September 18: STEAM; Library – remember to return your book today!

Wednesday, September 19: Music

Thursday, September 20: PE

Friday, September 21: Art; Wear BLUE today!

Thursday, September 21: School picture day…information will be coming home soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Your kinder works so hard all week at school, have some fun playing and relaxing this weekend!! I’ll look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!!

~Mrs. Baker

A Few Kindergarten Reminders…

Tonight is a Jet’s pizza night! Plan an easy dinner night and order some pizza! Tell Jet’s who your child’s teacher is when you order! Jet’s will donate a portion back to our school and also the class with the highest amount of orders wins a pizza party! Have a good night!


Tomorrow we are celebrating our color of the week…yellow!! Be sure to have your kinder wear their yellow tomorrow!!


Tomorrow is an early release day. School will dismiss at 12:15. If your child is parent pick-up, please be here by 12:15. If you child needs a sack lunch, please email me to let me know. The sack lunch is the same cost as hot lunch.

This Week in Kindergarten…

The Color Red…

We started learning about our first color word this week…red! We learned about different things that are red, met Randy Red, practiced writing the word red, made a red book, wore red clothes and made a red craft. We had a lot of fun making a Clifford craft to end our week of red!

Shared Reading…

We read two poems this week during our shared reading time. We read a letter Aa poem and a letter Bb poem together as a class. After reading, we found the letter Aa and letter Bb in the poem. It was fun to hear how the words in the poems rhyme! We also made an Aa brochure to take home. 


In math this week, we started learning about number sense. We “read” a book called Anno’s Counting Book. There are no words in the book, but we learned about numbers throughout the book. We also practiced looking at a number and making that number using math magnets. 

Math Games…

On Friday, we had a lot of fun playing math games! It was our first time trying math games in kindergarten and we did amazing! We had a chance to move around the room in groups and try all of the games! We…

  • Made numbers out of Play-Dough.
  • Spun an ice-cream spinner and scooped that color ice-cream onto a cone or bowl.
  • Rolled a die, found the correct color teddy bear and sorted the teddy bears into the correct colored cups.
  • Rolled a die, counted the correct number of peanuts and put them into peanut bags.
  • Looked at a flower with a number on it and built the flower as tall as the number shown.


We learned that writer’s share information with each other. We practiced sharing information with a partner. We learned how to “turn and talk” to your partner. We practiced taking turns telling our partners different things such as…What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? What did you do after school yesterday? The partner that went first was the “jelly” (speaker) partner. The partner that went second was the “peanut butter” (listener) partner. I was amazed at how well they did with this activity! Way to go Kinders!

Cool Tools…

We continued learning about cool tools this week! We…

  • Read ish and learned how it’s nice to give compliments and say nice things to each other – our nice dice remind us of this!
  • Read Franklin’s Bad Day and learned when sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away – our shoe reminds us of this!
  • Read When I Get Angry and learned that sometimes you need to “chill out” on your own until you’re ready to play – we played a game with ice cubes to remind us of this!
  • Read Being Friends and learned that we are all different and special and to find the beauty in everyone – we looked through a kaleidoscope to remind us of this!

Play Time…

We LOVE play time!! It’s our favorite part of the day!! Enjoy these cute pictures of your sweet Kinders playing together at school!!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, September 10 – Art

Tuesday, September 11 – STEAM; library…please bring back your library book. 

Wednesday, September 12 – Music

Thursday, September 13 – PE

Friday, September 14 – Art; color day…wear YELLOW; fast Friday (school gets out at 12:15). 

Thursday, September 27 is school picture day. Information will be coming home soon! 

Please remember to send your child with 2 snacks each day! We have a morning and an afternoon snack! Thank you!

We had a great week at school!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

~Mrs. Baker