This Week in Kindergarten…

Our Pumpkin Patch looks amazing!! Wow…we have creative Kinders!!

POPCORN WORDS: be, me, we, will

READER’S WORKSHOP: This week during reader’s workshop, we learned more about storybook readers. We focused on character’s feelings. We had fun reading different stories and noticing how the characters were feeling in the stories. We enjoyed many book, but our favorites were Elephant and Piggie, Froggy and Little Critter. The Kinders did a great job looking at books and noticing how the characters were feeling. They loved marking these strong emotions with sticky notes!

MATH: During math this week, we finished Unit 1! We practiced writing the number 5 and drawing groups of 5 things. We also counted objects and found the correct number. We practiced dot-to-dots…we start at the number 1 and count up from there drawing straight lines. We ended the week with our first math test! The Kinders got into their “offices” (to give them their private work space) and worked hard on their first math test of the year. I am so proud of how hard they worked!

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: This week during writing, we wrote a book about the library. On the first page we drew a detailed picture of Mrs. VandenBurg (our school librarian) reading us a story. On the second page, we drew a detailed picture of ourselves looking for a book on the shelf. On the third page, we drew a detailed picture of us checking out our book. We made sure to add labels and then added a sentence to each page. We focused on using finger spaces when writing our words. The Kinders worked extra hard during writing this week!

LITERACY: During our literacy time this week, we finished up our ABC Bootcamp letters…Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz. We also learned another shared reading poem. We found the popcorn word we (and see…we already knew this one) in the poem! We also practiced beginning and ending sounds we hear in words. Way to go Kinders!

MYSTERY READER: This week, we were lucky enough to have 2 mystery readers visit our classroom!

On Thursday, Ben was so happy to see his mom come through the door and surprise our class with a story! 

On Friday, Melwyn was thrilled to see her mom surprise her by visiting our class as a mystery reader! 

THE COLOR PURPLE: It was fun to learn about the color purple this week! We practiced noticing and coloring things that are purple, writing the word purple, sharing through the microphone about things that are purple and made a fun purple people eater craft! It was fun to play the class the song One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater! They loved it!

MATH GAMES: The GVSU baseball players and their coach came to help us play math games again on Friday!


Monday, October 14: STEAM; Library – please help your Kinder remember to return their books!

Tuesday, October 15: Music

Wednesday, October 16: Gym

Thursday, October 17: Art

Friday, October 18: STEAM

Tuesday, October 29: Picture retake day; Turkey Trot race

Thursday, October 31: Fall Party 2:00-3:00