This Week in Kindergarten…


POPCORN WORDS: like, here

READING: This week during reading, we read pattern books. We started by reading a pattern paper about the zoo. We colored the words to show the pattern in the paper. We found WOW! pages that we were excited about when looking at our books and HUH? pages that we were wondering about. It was fun to label the WOW! and HUH? pages with a sticky note! 

WRITING: During writing this week, we wrote two pattern books. Pattern books are when words repeat on each page. We started the week writing about a pumpkin and wrote the words: I see the — on each page. We finished the week writing about ourselves and wrote the words: Here is my — on each page. We had fun learning the Mat Man song which teaches about how to draw a person. When drawing ourselves, we focused on adding the correct parts of a person.

MATH: This week during math, we practiced writing the number 6. We looked for 6 objects and drew groups of 6 objects. We practiced writing the number 7. We looked for 7 objects and drew groups of 7 objects. We also practiced hard dot-to-dots. It is important to remember to draw straight lines and go in number order!

PHONICS: During phonics this week, we started the week by looking at a blank ABC chart and finding pictures that matched the letters. We worked with our table partners and had fun sorting. We practiced getting really quick at finding the correct letter and picture! It was fun to think of different words and draw different pictures that start with the letter we were talking about, not just the picture shown. We ended the week with our ABC school. It was fun to teach our stuffed animals all about the ABC’s! 

ABC SCHOOL with our stuffed animals…we had fun teaching them all about letters and sounds of the alphabet and what each of their names started with! They even got to help us read a poem. 

BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR FUN: We had fun listening to the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? this week! It was fun to listen to the Kinders read along with the book! We did some fun Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities!

HANDWRITING: This week in kindergarten, we began our Peterson Handwriting books. The Kinders have been learning the correct way to write the letters and practicing writing them in their handwriting books. We will be keeping these books at school until we are finished with them. These are some of the letters we practiced…

FALL PARTY: Our Fall party will take place on Friday, October 30. Thank you to everyone that signed up to donate items! I really appreciate it! The kindergarteners are welcome to wear their costumes to school that day if they’d like. Because we can’t have guests at our party this year, please help your kinder decorate Pete the Cat to join us at the party as a guest! 


TURKEY TROT:  The Turkey Trot is going to be a virtual race this year. Check out the PE blog for the Turkey Trot information.

LUNCH:  Hot lunch is free for all students through the entire school year.  If your kinder orders milk with their home lunch that is a charge.

BACKPACK SNACKS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious TWO healthy snacks each day! Don’t forget to send a water bottle too! 

Please remember to send your kinder in a coat each day to school. With this changing weather, it is important for the kinders to be warm at recess. Thank you!


Monday, October 26: No School today

Tuesday, October 27: Art; Library – please remember to return library books!

Wednesday, October 28: STEAM

Thursday, October 29: Music; Wear RAINBOW colors today to celebrate learning all of our colors! 

Friday, October 30: Gym; Fall Party!

Friday, November 13: Early Release Day – dismissal at 12:15

November 16 and 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

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