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READING: This week during our reading time we made an Autumn House! Our autumn house helped us practice our reading skills. We worked on rhyming, onset/rime, beginning sounds and sight words. Inside the autumn house is another activity for you to practice at home – alphabet letters.

WRITING: During writing this week, we wrote another pattern book. We wrote all about a leaf! The Kinders had fun going outside and finding their own leaf, searching for the perfect one to write about! We wrote about the stem, the vein, the color of their leaf and finished with drawing a picture of their entire leaf. We wrote the words: This is the ___ on each page. 


MATH: This week during our math time, we added numbers up to 5 using CANDY CORN – YUM!! The Kinders definitely had fun with that math lesson! The best part being eating the candy at the end! We found groups of 8 and 9 objects and practiced writing those numbers. We also practiced math stories, using both addition and subtraction. It was fun to practice these math stories on white boards!

PHONICS: During phonics this week, Mabel and Blue Bear helped us learn more about initial sounds. We used our popcorn word all and made the word all into different words – fall, ball, wall, etc. We finished the week by practicing snap words – reading a word and being able to spell it in a snap! 

RAINBOW DAY: On Thursday we celebrated learning all of the colors in the RAINBOWWe made rainbow hair books, did rainbow writing (with our names) and made a rainbow hair craft! We have learned a lot about the colors of the rainbow and it was fun to celebrate the colors! 

FALL PARTY: We had such a fun time at during our Fall Party Day! We played a fun bingo game, made a fun Play-Doh monster craft, did a Fall picture search and find, made spider webs out of toothpicks and marshmallows, read the story of The Five Little Pumpkins (and took turns being the pumpkin) and had yummy treats! It was a fun filled day! Thank you so much for volunteering to supply items for our party today! I really appreciate it!

These were our disguised party guests…

Enjoy these cute pictures from our Fall Party…


WINTER GEAR: The weather is starting to get much cooler!  Please be sure to begin gathering up those warmer coats, mittens, boots, hats and snow pants. When it snows, this gear is needed to play outside. When the snow arrives we do go outside and play!  However, if the temperature or wind chill get below freezing we do stay inside. If anyone needs any help with getting these winter items PLEASE let me know. If you are buying new boots, please consider buying velcro to help your Kinder with independence in getting them on. Keep in mind that the goal for all kinders is to get their winter gear on and off independently. Please label all of their winter gear items! 

SNACKS:  Please remember to send in 2 snacks for your kinder each day.  Don’t forget their water bottle! 

LUNCH: Hot lunch is free for all students until the end of the school year. There is a charge when only milk is ordered. 


Monday, November 2: Art

Tuesday, November 3: STEAM; Library day – remember to return library books!

Wednesday, November 4: Music

Thursday, November 5: Gym

Friday, November 6: Art

November 16 and November 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

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