This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: am, are, little

READING: This week during reading, we learned all about using our Super Powers when we read! We started the week by learning all about POINTER POWER! Each of the Kinders were given wands to help them point to the words. They had so much fun and did such a great job reading words around our classroom with their wands. Then they practiced pointing to words in their books. We learned that when pointing to words, each word gets only 1 tap – even when it’s a big word! The Kinders did a wonderful job using their POINTER POWER, this is such an important reading skill! Way to go!

WRITING: During writing this week, we started learning about small moment stories. We learned that small moment stories are all about you and absolutely true! We learned that small moment stories (personal narratives) have a beginning, middle and end and the stories are told in order of how they happened. We wrote about “booing” another class last week. We used the words first, next and last when writing the story. We drew and labeled our pictures, wrote sentences and included finger spaces and punctuation. 

MATH: This week during math, we got to use our math boards to show the + 1 pattern. We built the numbers using pennies, adding one more penny for each number. Many of the Kinders thought the pennies looked like stairs when they were finished! We also learned all about triangles and reviewed squares, circles and rectangles. 

PHONICS: During our phonics lessons we started the week by practicing listening for the ending sounds in words. We helped write a letter to Blue Bear from Mabel, filling in the missing ending sounds. Then we looked at pictures and wrote on whiteboards the last sound in the word. Later in the week, we looked at the pictures again and stretched out the entire word – listening for the beginning, middle and end sound. We also practiced using our popcorn words – reading and writing them even when the words are written in a different font. 

LITERACY: This week during our literacy time, we started the week by going on a leaf/letter hunt! We sang a song about our leaf hunt and found the letter that matched the sound we made. We also practiced clapping the number of syllables in words. We practiced listening for beginning sounds and wrote the sound that matched the pictures.




Monday, November 9: Art

Tuesday, November 10: STEAM; Library – remember to return library books!

Wednesday, November 11: Music; Homework due today.

Thursday, November 12: Gym

Friday, November 13: Art

November 16 and November 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

Have a wonderful Fall weekend…enjoy this beautiful weather!

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