Classroom Needs…

To start the new year, there are a couple of things we could use for our classroom if you are willing and/or able to help us out. We are in need of…

* Clorox Wipes

* Graham Crackers

Thank you and Happy New Year!! 

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: review week

READING: This week during reading, we had fun reading some holiday books. We read Five Little Reindeer and The Gingerbread Man. We practiced looking for “popcorn words” we know in each book. We used our pointer power when reading them and our picture power to help figure out any tricky words. The Gingerbread Man story helped us practice positional words. We had to read carefully to find our where we needed to put the gingerbread man. After reading The Gingerbread Man, we practiced telling about the characters, the setting, the problem and solution. 

MATH: During our math time this week, we had fun using Santa’s sleigh to practice math problems. We added “presents” onto Santa’s sleigh and subtracted “presents” from Santa’s sleigh. We wrote the equations to go along with our math stories. We worked hard on looking at 5-groups within numbers and telling what the number is along with drawing the number using circles. We worked hard on teen numbers, coloring in the correct number of circles the reindeer told us to. 

LITERACY: This week during literacy, we searched for and colored popcorn words on a tree. The words ended up looking like ornaments. We also listened for beginning sounds in words as well as spelling CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words on gingerbread men and in mugs of hot chocolate. 

OUR HOLIDAY PARTY… we had a fun-filled holiday party on Wednesday!! We made crafts, played games and had a snack – we made a snowman out of Oreos, pretzels, marshmallows, raisins and frosting. It was such a fun day!! Enjoy these cute pictures from our fun day…

GRINCH DAY… we enjoyed a Grinch themed day on Thursday! We did Grinch themed math, reading, literacy writing and a craft. The Kinder’s were excited to bring home a green candy cane and to tell you about their fun day!

This week we had fun “planting” a peppermint in oatmeal. We waited for it to grow into a candy cane…and it did eventually! At first we only saw the oatmeal, then we could see a little bit of candy cane growing and finally a big candy cane grew! It was so fun to check and see if they were “growing”. 

POLAR EXPRESS DAY… we had fun having a Polar Express themed day on Friday! We watched the movie, had hot cocoa and did Polar Express themed learning. It was especially fun to be in our pj’s all day long! Make sure you ask your Kinder to see their ticket on the Polar Express! 


Monday, January 4: School resumes; Music

Tuesday, January 5: Gym; Library

Wednesday, January 6: Art

Thursday, January 7: STEAM

Friday, January 8: Music

Tuesday, January 12: Take Home Books begin – more information coming about this in January! 

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season!! Enjoy this winter break and time with family!! I hope that you all enjoy the gifts your Kinder made for you!

A few more pictures of these cute kiddos…

This Week in Kindergarten…

This was an exciting week in Kindergarten! We started our week learning virtually and ended the week learning in person. Way to go kinders and families!! Thank you so much for all of your support during this time!! I really do appreciate it!!

Reading: This week during reading at home the kinders read stories to family members, stuffed animals and friends. At school we learned what it means to retell a book after reading and practiced this skill. We practiced retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man – learning about the characters, setting and the order things happened in the story. We also read a paper together looking for all of our popcorn words in it! 

Math: This week during math, the kinders practiced comparing numbers – looking for the greater number, counting by tens using gingerbread people and counting ten frames.

Writing: This week in writing, the Kinders wrote a small moment story at home and did a great job! At school we practiced labeling a gingerbread man and writing sentences – making sure to use an uppercase letter to begin the sentence and a sentence stopper at the end. 

Literacy: The kinders did activities that focused on filling in the missing parts of the gingerbread story (using popcorn words), syllable claps and building new words with word families (rhymes).

Holiday Fun: We listened to many different stories about the Gingerbread Man this week. It was fun to listen to many different books where the Gingerbread Man is a character. Some of our favorites were called The Gingerbread Man is Loose (at different places). We had fun trying a gingerbread cookie and voting if we liked it or not. More Kinders voted yes than no. It’s always fun to have a cookie!


SNOW GEAR – In preparation for snow session, please remember. When snow is on the ground, please have the following in your kinder’s backpack and don’t forgot to label!!

  1. Snow pants
  2. Boots-designed for the snow (consider velcro closing if purchasing new)
  3. A Warm Coat
  4. Mittens/Gloves
  5. A Hat

SNACKS – Please remember to send your kinder with 2 snacks and a water bottle each day. We have a morning and an afternoon snack. Due to COVID restrictions, we can not use our drinking fountain.

HOT LUNCH – It is FREE to ALL students through June 2021. If your kinder orders milk with their home lunch there is a charge.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, December 14: STEAM; Wear something RED, GREEN and/or WHITE.

Tuesday, December 15: Music; Library – remember to return library books; Wear a HOLIDAY HAT/HEADBAND (Santa hat, antlers, etc.).

Wednesday, December 16: Gym; Wear a HOLIDAY SHIRT/SWEATER. We are going to have our holiday classroom party today!

Thursday, December 17: Art; GRINCH DAY – dress Grinch style.

Friday, December 18: STEAM; Wear you POLAR EXPRESS DAY – wear your pj’s! 

December 19 – January 3: Holiday Break

Monday, January 4: Return to school

Look at these cute Kinders holding the stockings they made…

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Return to In-Person Learning…

I hope this update finds you all healthy, safe, and cozy.  We will be returning to IN-PERSON learning starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9.  Doors will open at 8:35 a.m.  PLEASE plan to have the following upon your child’s return tomorrow:

  • Completed work from our learning at home time, labeled with your kinders name.
  • Gym shoes
  • 2 face masks
  • Specials “to-go” bags
  • Morning Work Packets
  • Blue Daily Folders
  • Library books
  • Extra books that were sent home with your child
  • Lunch choice decision or home lunch.
  • Water bottle
  • 2 snacks for our a.m. and p.m. snack times.
  • Appropriate outside gear for the day – labeled.  We will be going outside in these winter months when the temperature is above freezing.

We will be having a fun theme week next week.  Our classroom will also be having a Holiday Party Day on Wednesday, December 16 Kindergarten teachers have organized a fun day for our classes.  No donations are necessary at this time.  We will not be doing a student gift exchange this year.  The Kinders will give their classmates the gift of friendship this year.  I am sending home a December calendar tomorrow.  Please reach out to me if you have ANY QUESTIONS,

This Week in Kindergarten…

GREAT job with our “Learning at Home” this week!  I hope you found the learning packets helpful as you navigated through our google classroom’s daily assignments. Thank you for all of your flexibility and patience with our Kindergarten team as we maneuvered through this change in learning.  We are planning to return to in-person learning on Wednesday, Dec. 8.  However, with the current climate of constant change please be sure to stay tuned to our class blog and Georgetown blog for any updates.

Popcorn Words:  look, from, run.  The Kinders did a GREAT job of finding these popcorn words in our morning messages this week!

Math: This week the Kinders worked hard at finding groups of 10 in teen numbers, practiced writing numbers 1-10, drew shapes, learned how to use a break apart stick, worked on story problems, and solved addition and subtraction equations.

Writers Workshop:  Your kinder was asked to write a small moment story over the week.  First, thinking of a small moment that happened to them.  Then, telling it across their fingers, drawing it across three pages, drawing pictures to match, and then fixing and fancying it to create a finished small moment story.

Readers Workshop:  During this week of learning your Kinder was asked to practice their fluency, listen for patterns, change their voice when reading and use all of their Reading Superpowers.  We hope you saw some reading behavior that made you proud!

Morning and Afternoon Meetings:  It was SO GREAT to see your Kinders join in on our daily meetings!  I LOVED seeing them bring their cozy items every day and work with me on our Daily Morning Work Packets. It was AWESOME to see the Kinders engage in the meetings. THANK YOU for all of your help parents and learning helpers!!!! It makes my day to get to see them on Zoom!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, Dec. 7…Online Learning Day
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @12:15 p.m.
    • STEAM
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8…Online Learning
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @12:15 p.m.
    • MUSIC
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9…In-Person Learning
    • PLEASE return to school:
      • Specials “to-go bags”
      • Learning Packets, Homework, any papers completed by your Kinder while at home learning time.
      • December Morning Work Packet
      • Gym shoes
    • MUSIC
  • Thursday, Dec. 10…
    • GYM
  • Friday, Dec. 11…
    • ART