This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: make, said

READING: During reading this week, we learned about making sure that what we are reading makes sense. We practiced reading pages together and asking if it made sense when we were done. If it doesn’t, we shouldn’t move on! We studied more about patterns and how they help us to understand our books. We learned about how important it is to use our letter sound knowledge to read the words on a page. We practiced this skill when reading ABC books. We figured out unknown words in ABC books by looking at the alphabet letter the word started with.

We used the pattern and the ending to understand our books…

We used our sound power to help us read – we looked at the first letter in the word and the picture…

We did a lot of reading…

We read ABC books…

WRITING: This week during writing, we continued with our How-To writing. We focused on putting our pictures in order and then matching our words with our pictures. We also practiced using lowercase letters within the sentence and adding sentence stoppers. We wrote about: How To Go Shopping, How To Wrap a Gift, How To Make a PB & J and How to Make a Sundae. 

MATH: In math this week, we learned about groups of things that are equal or not equal. We practiced counting things, writing the number of objects and then using an equal or not equal sign. We worked hard on noticing five groups. We looked at numbers 1-10 and noticed if there was a group of 5 within that number. We found the 5 group and circled it as well as drew 5 groups. We practiced adding and subtracting numbers. We have been working hard on writing our numbers 1-30! Keep up the good work Kinders!

LITERACY/PHONICS: During our literacy/phonics time, we read a popcorn word book, highlighting the popcorn words we know! Wow…we know a lot of words! We listened for beginning and ending sounds we heard in words and colored them a certain color. We also got new pages in our learning binders! It was fun to practice the new pages! We read a story that focused on the word said – one of our popcorn words this week. We gave Mabel (our phonics stuffed elephant) encouragement to try and write words. We helped her by writing sentences and then showing her how to write some popcorn words!

FAST FRIDAY FUN: On Friday, we did fun snow themed activities! We did a snow math page, we wrote the room looking for snowy pictures and we read Snowman, Snowman What Do You See? 


  • Send 2 snacks each day to school with your child.
  • Please send in headphones for STEAM if you haven’t already.
  • Kinders need all of their snow gear each day, we do play outside twice a day.


Monday, January 18: Gym, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 19: Art; Library; Remember to return Take Home Books and Library Books

Wednesday, January 20: STEAM; Homework is due

Thursday, January 21: Music

Friday, January 22: Gym; Report cards come home

Friday, February 5: Early Release Day

Monday, February 8: Winter Break

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