This Week in Kindergarten…

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: On Monday, January 18 we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. We read about him and learned many things about him. It was fun to do activities all about him. We read a many books about him, read a Scholastic News about the differences in people, made headbands, necklaces and bracelets. We learned about how Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that inspired people. We also learned that his famous I Have a Dream speech inspired many people. 


READING: This week during reading, we learned about how to read words that are blends. We practiced reading books with blends in it and a poem called We Will Go. We used this poem to find SNAP words (words we know very quickly). We made sure to look at the sounds, use extra strong sound power and our picture power to figure out the words. 

We used this book to practice looking our sound power. We looked at the first sound, blended the sounds together and looked to the end of the word. We used our picture power too!

WRITING: During writing this week, we continued writing our How-To stories. We thought of an idea, told the steps in order, drew pictures and wrote words that matched the pictures. We continued to practice stretching out words, using finger spaces, using sentence stoppers and lowercase letters when writing. Some of the things we wrote about are…How to Get Dressed for Winter, How to Brush Your Teeth and How to Make a Bowl of Cereal. 

MATH: This week during math, we learned more about teen numbers. We wrote number sentences (equations) and then drew circles to show the number 10 and the extra ones. We made sure to draw a 5 group if we could. We learned more about partners of numbers. We also practiced writing our numbers 1-30. Keep up the good work Kinders!

LITERACY/PHONICS: During our literacy time this week, we learned about the H Brothers! The H Brothers story is about 5 brothers who all have an h as the second letter in their name. The H Brothers names are Charley, Shane, Whit, Phil and Theo. Each brother gives helpful hints as ways to remember what sound the start of their name makes. We sorted H brother words and asked – was the H brother sound at the beginning or the end of the word? We are going to keep learning about the H Brothers next week too! This week we also labeled things around our classroom with sticky notes. We are getting good at stretching out words and listening for all of the sounds we hear. It was fun to label our classroom!


  • Please remember to bring 2 snacks to school each day and a water bottle. 
  • Remember to return library books and take home books on Tuesdays.
  • Please bring all snow gear to school each day…we do go outside twice a day. 


Monday, January 25: Art

Tuesday, January 26: STEAM; Remember to return take home book bags and library books today!

Wednesday, January 27: Music

Thursday, January 28: Gym

Friday, January 29: Art

Tuesday, February 2: 100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration! 100’s day collections are due today!

Friday, February 5: Early Release Day

Monday, February 8: Winter Break

Tuesday, February 9: Valentine Cards are due

Friday, February 12: Valentine’s Party