Logins and Passwords


We are asking that you check your child’s login information as soon as possible.  This information is located on the back of your child’s blue folder.  We are finding that the information we were given in August for our kindergarten students is incorrect and parents are unable to login. 

I have sent the IT department a list of our class in hopes that they can get me new information as soon as possible.  Please email me as soon as possible if you are unable to log your child in.  

Thank you!

Learning at Home…

As we are all aware, our school district will be learning at home through Dec. 9.  With this news, the Kindergarten teachers at Georgetown have put together 2 weeks’ worth of learning packets for your Kinder.  Each Kinder was sent home with a Learning packet for 11/18 – 11/24 and for 11/30 – 12/4.  Our goal was to give you pencil and paper tasks that will be easy for you and your Kinder to maneuver through over these next 2 weeks.

Our district plan does state that some online learning will take place.  We will be using google classroom which will house all of our learning for this time.  Each Kindergarten classroom has a specific classroom code.  As a parent, you will need to log into your child’s email to accept the google classroom invite.   Please know that each Kinder does have an email and clever badge id., which is located on the back of your Kinders blue take-home folder.

Here are the links on how to log into google classroom:

Our district has asked each grade level to develop a daily schedule for our students.  Below you can view the daily schedule for Kindergarten.  Please know that our expectations are for you to do what works for your family.


Virtual learning will not begin until Tuesday, December 1. 

8:45 – 9:00:  Morning Meeting and Morning Attendance (We are required to take attendance during this time.  If you cannot make this meeting daily please email our school office: mjeltem@hpseagles.net).

9:00 – 9:30:  Writing:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

9:30 – 10:00:  Math:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

10:00 – 10:30:  Snack and Break (teacher office hours available to you)

10:30 – 11:00:  Reading:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

11:00 – 11:30:  Small Group Work (groups will NOT meet until Dec. 7)

11:30 – 12:15:  Lunch and playtime

12:15 – 12:30:  Afternoon Meeting/Read Aloud and afternoon attendance (We are required to take attendance during this time.  If you cannot make this meeting daily please email our school office: mjeltem@hpseagles.net).

1:00 – 1:50: Specials

2:00: – Purposeful Play until the end of the day

2:00 – 2:30:  Teacher office hours available to you

You should have received an email from your Kindergarten teacher inviting you to a “fun zoom” meeting for tomorrow.  We would love to see your Kinder!  PLEASE reach out to your Kindergarten teacher at ANY POINT if you have any questions.  We thank you for your patience, grace, and understanding during this very fluid time.

This Week in Kindergarten…

We had fun making some cute, colorful turkeys! 


READING: This week during reading, we continued learning all about our reading Super Powers! We continued using our POINTER POWER and REREAD POWER. We learned new powers too…PICTURE POWER, SNAP WORD POWER and SOUND POWER. We used PICTURE POWER when we get to a tricky word we aren’t familiar with, we use PICTURE POWER to help us figure out the tricky word. Pictures are helpful when reading! We used SNAP WORD POWER to read the popcorn words (snap words) we are so familiar with, reading them in a snap! We practiced reading a familiar nursery rhyme – The Itsy Bitsy Spider. The kindergarteners practiced reading the words that I pointed to, making sure we were on the same word. We used our SOUND POWER when we needed more help than just the picture was giving us. We looked at a picture of a beetle and guessed what the word would be. Then we uncovered the first letter and made that sound. We finally uncovered the whole word learning that it was a beetle. 

WRITING: During writing this week, we wrote another small moment story. We started the week by having a treat – a gummy bear! We wrote about what happened first, next and last. We used those words on our writing papers too. The kinders drew pictures to match their words, labeled the pictures, wrote sentences and then added…a speech bubble! It was fun to learn about speech bubbles by reading Elephant and Piggie stories and then trying out speech bubbles in our own stories! 

MATH: In math this week, we learned all about hexagons! We learned that hexagons have 6 sides and 6 corners and even learned a fun song about hexagons. We practiced subtracting 1 from a given number. We used fun erasers to practice this skill and then tried it on a worksheet. We practiced writing the numbers 8 and 9 and helped Puzzled Penguin learn the difference between the number 6 and the number 9. We finished the week by practicing our number writing. We wrote the numbers in order and helped Puzzled Penguin do the same!

LITERACY: During our literacy time this week, we added some new pages to our literacy binders. The Kinders worked hard on these new pages – looking at the pictures and then stretching out the words, listening for all the sounds you hear in the words. We also practiced listening for syllables in words. We finished the week by playing Simon Says. “Simon” told the kids to write a SNAP word on their whiteboards. We are working hard on all these literacy skills!

VETERAN’S DAY: We learned about Veteran’s Day! We read a Scholastic News and learned what a veteran is and why we have Veteran’s Day. We made a veteran craft to bring home! Thank you to all veteran’s and all active service men and women for your service!

WANTS AND NEEDS: We learned about wants and needs this week. We talked about what a need is and what a want is and learned the difference between them. We had fun sorting pictures into wants and needs, read a Scholastic News about wants and needs and made a little wants and needs book to bring home and share with you!


  • Our annual P.E. C.A.R.E.S food drive is continuing until November 18. Thank you so much for all of the food donations! If you would like, you can still send in food items.  Food items to consider are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice, baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, peanut butter, tuna fish, etc. (please no ramen noodles) The class with the most items at noon on November 18 will win a bowling trip to Hudsonville Lanes (if allowed later in the year) and a P.E. C.A.R.E.S t-shirt.
  • Continue to send your child with warm winter clothes each day! Please remember to label all of their winter things! Many items look alike and it’s always helpful to be able to look for a name!


Monday, November 16: Art; Book Fair preview day; Virtual parent-teacher conferences

Tuesday, November 17: STEAM; Library – remember to bring back books!

Wednesday, November 18: Music; Book Fair shopping day; Virtual parent-teacher conferences

Thursday, November 19: Gym

Friday, November 20: Art

November 23 – November 24: No in-person class – I will be sending things home for your Kinder to work on at home. 

November 25 – November 27: No School – Thanksgiving Break

Our 5th grade buddies surprised us with a world kindness day poster! That was such a nice thing to do for our class! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This Week in Kindergarten…

POPCORN WORDS: am, are, little

READING: This week during reading, we learned all about using our Super Powers when we read! We started the week by learning all about POINTER POWER! Each of the Kinders were given wands to help them point to the words. They had so much fun and did such a great job reading words around our classroom with their wands. Then they practiced pointing to words in their books. We learned that when pointing to words, each word gets only 1 tap – even when it’s a big word! The Kinders did a wonderful job using their POINTER POWER, this is such an important reading skill! Way to go!

WRITING: During writing this week, we started learning about small moment stories. We learned that small moment stories are all about you and absolutely true! We learned that small moment stories (personal narratives) have a beginning, middle and end and the stories are told in order of how they happened. We wrote about “booing” another class last week. We used the words first, next and last when writing the story. We drew and labeled our pictures, wrote sentences and included finger spaces and punctuation. 

MATH: This week during math, we got to use our math boards to show the + 1 pattern. We built the numbers using pennies, adding one more penny for each number. Many of the Kinders thought the pennies looked like stairs when they were finished! We also learned all about triangles and reviewed squares, circles and rectangles. 

PHONICS: During our phonics lessons we started the week by practicing listening for the ending sounds in words. We helped write a letter to Blue Bear from Mabel, filling in the missing ending sounds. Then we looked at pictures and wrote on whiteboards the last sound in the word. Later in the week, we looked at the pictures again and stretched out the entire word – listening for the beginning, middle and end sound. We also practiced using our popcorn words – reading and writing them even when the words are written in a different font. 

LITERACY: This week during our literacy time, we started the week by going on a leaf/letter hunt! We sang a song about our leaf hunt and found the letter that matched the sound we made. We also practiced clapping the number of syllables in words. We practiced listening for beginning sounds and wrote the sound that matched the pictures.




Monday, November 9: Art

Tuesday, November 10: STEAM; Library – remember to return library books!

Wednesday, November 11: Music; Homework due today.

Thursday, November 12: Gym

Friday, November 13: Art

November 16 and November 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

Have a wonderful Fall weekend…enjoy this beautiful weather!

P.E. C.A.R.E.S.

The annual P.E. C.A.R.E.S food drive will be starting on November 4. We are asking for your help by bringing in non-perishable food items for Love Inc. in Hudsonville.

Food items to consider are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice, baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, peanut butter, tuna fish, etc. (please no ramen noodles, and please do not break apart packaged food)

The food drive will continue until Nov. 18.  We will be keeping track of how many items each class brings in.  The class with the most items brought in by NOON on Nov. 18 will win a P.E. C.A.R.E.S t-shirt and a bowling trip to Hudsonville Lane. (If allowed this year).

This is a great opportunity for our students to care for their community, to teach our kids compassion and love for others.  Thanks for sharing in this service project with us at Georgetown.

This Week in Kindergarten…



READING: This week during our reading time we made an Autumn House! Our autumn house helped us practice our reading skills. We worked on rhyming, onset/rime, beginning sounds and sight words. Inside the autumn house is another activity for you to practice at home – alphabet letters.

WRITING: During writing this week, we wrote another pattern book. We wrote all about a leaf! The Kinders had fun going outside and finding their own leaf, searching for the perfect one to write about! We wrote about the stem, the vein, the color of their leaf and finished with drawing a picture of their entire leaf. We wrote the words: This is the ___ on each page. 


MATH: This week during our math time, we added numbers up to 5 using CANDY CORN – YUM!! The Kinders definitely had fun with that math lesson! The best part being eating the candy at the end! We found groups of 8 and 9 objects and practiced writing those numbers. We also practiced math stories, using both addition and subtraction. It was fun to practice these math stories on white boards!

PHONICS: During phonics this week, Mabel and Blue Bear helped us learn more about initial sounds. We used our popcorn word all and made the word all into different words – fall, ball, wall, etc. We finished the week by practicing snap words – reading a word and being able to spell it in a snap! 

RAINBOW DAY: On Thursday we celebrated learning all of the colors in the RAINBOWWe made rainbow hair books, did rainbow writing (with our names) and made a rainbow hair craft! We have learned a lot about the colors of the rainbow and it was fun to celebrate the colors! 

FALL PARTY: We had such a fun time at during our Fall Party Day! We played a fun bingo game, made a fun Play-Doh monster craft, did a Fall picture search and find, made spider webs out of toothpicks and marshmallows, read the story of The Five Little Pumpkins (and took turns being the pumpkin) and had yummy treats! It was a fun filled day! Thank you so much for volunteering to supply items for our party today! I really appreciate it!

These were our disguised party guests…

Enjoy these cute pictures from our Fall Party…


WINTER GEAR: The weather is starting to get much cooler!  Please be sure to begin gathering up those warmer coats, mittens, boots, hats and snow pants. When it snows, this gear is needed to play outside. When the snow arrives we do go outside and play!  However, if the temperature or wind chill get below freezing we do stay inside. If anyone needs any help with getting these winter items PLEASE let me know. If you are buying new boots, please consider buying velcro to help your Kinder with independence in getting them on. Keep in mind that the goal for all kinders is to get their winter gear on and off independently. Please label all of their winter gear items! 

SNACKS:  Please remember to send in 2 snacks for your kinder each day.  Don’t forget their water bottle! 

LUNCH: Hot lunch is free for all students until the end of the school year. There is a charge when only milk is ordered. 


Monday, November 2: Art

Tuesday, November 3: STEAM; Library day – remember to return library books!

Wednesday, November 4: Music

Thursday, November 5: Gym

Friday, November 6: Art

November 16 and November 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

This Week in Kindergarten…


POPCORN WORDS: like, here

READING: This week during reading, we read pattern books. We started by reading a pattern paper about the zoo. We colored the words to show the pattern in the paper. We found WOW! pages that we were excited about when looking at our books and HUH? pages that we were wondering about. It was fun to label the WOW! and HUH? pages with a sticky note! 

WRITING: During writing this week, we wrote two pattern books. Pattern books are when words repeat on each page. We started the week writing about a pumpkin and wrote the words: I see the — on each page. We finished the week writing about ourselves and wrote the words: Here is my — on each page. We had fun learning the Mat Man song which teaches about how to draw a person. When drawing ourselves, we focused on adding the correct parts of a person.

MATH: This week during math, we practiced writing the number 6. We looked for 6 objects and drew groups of 6 objects. We practiced writing the number 7. We looked for 7 objects and drew groups of 7 objects. We also practiced hard dot-to-dots. It is important to remember to draw straight lines and go in number order!

PHONICS: During phonics this week, we started the week by looking at a blank ABC chart and finding pictures that matched the letters. We worked with our table partners and had fun sorting. We practiced getting really quick at finding the correct letter and picture! It was fun to think of different words and draw different pictures that start with the letter we were talking about, not just the picture shown. We ended the week with our ABC school. It was fun to teach our stuffed animals all about the ABC’s! 

ABC SCHOOL with our stuffed animals…we had fun teaching them all about letters and sounds of the alphabet and what each of their names started with! They even got to help us read a poem. 

BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR FUN: We had fun listening to the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? this week! It was fun to listen to the Kinders read along with the book! We did some fun Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities!

HANDWRITING: This week in kindergarten, we began our Peterson Handwriting books. The Kinders have been learning the correct way to write the letters and practicing writing them in their handwriting books. We will be keeping these books at school until we are finished with them. These are some of the letters we practiced…

FALL PARTY: Our Fall party will take place on Friday, October 30. Thank you to everyone that signed up to donate items! I really appreciate it! The kindergarteners are welcome to wear their costumes to school that day if they’d like. Because we can’t have guests at our party this year, please help your kinder decorate Pete the Cat to join us at the party as a guest! 


TURKEY TROT:  The Turkey Trot is going to be a virtual race this year. Check out the PE blog for the Turkey Trot information.   http://mvankoev.edublogs.org

LUNCH:  Hot lunch is free for all students through the entire school year.  If your kinder orders milk with their home lunch that is a charge.

BACKPACK SNACKS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious TWO healthy snacks each day! Don’t forget to send a water bottle too! 

Please remember to send your kinder in a coat each day to school. With this changing weather, it is important for the kinders to be warm at recess. Thank you!


Monday, October 26: No School today

Tuesday, October 27: Art; Library – please remember to return library books!

Wednesday, October 28: STEAM

Thursday, October 29: Music; Wear RAINBOW colors today to celebrate learning all of our colors! 

Friday, October 30: Gym; Fall Party!

Friday, November 13: Early Release Day – dismissal at 12:15

November 16 and 18: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair.  More information on conferences will be sent out soon!

November 25 – November 27: NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Vacation

Sack Lunch

Tomorrow is an early release day. If your Kinder needs a sack lunch tomorrow for our early release day, please email me to let me know. If they would like a lunch, let me know what type of milk your Kinder would like also. Thank you!